Remember those little, plastic, woven chokers that were all over the place in the 90s? Well, they’re back! But this time there’s a little more variety.

I, for one, am incredibly excited for this trend. I was only 5 years old when the 90s ended so I didn’t really get a chance to enjoy the choker trend. Like most 5-year-0lds, I didn’t have much of an interest in accessorizing my outfits. Even if I did, the chokers would have fit my tiny, toddler neck like a regular necklace, so I wouldn’t have been able to properly enjoy the trend anyway.

Now I can’t get enough of chokers. Maybe it’s because I was deprived of the trend when I was younger or maybe it’s just the way chokers draw the eye up so the face of the woman wearing the accessory is the focal point. Whatever the case may be, I find myself constantly shopping for chokers and I found 6 styles that really highlight this 90s trend.


1. This Floral Choker


Since the flower crown snapchat filter came out, no one is wearing flower crowns anymore.  Instead, the flowers have migrated down to appear as a feminine choker that adds softness to a usually hard and edgy trend.

Floral Choker $6.90

2. This Modern Strand Of Pearls


These aren’t your grandma’s pearls. This choker modernizes pearls while still keeping an outfit classy. It’s the perfect choker to wear with a nice evening dress for classy nights out or with a flirty sundress for a summer wedding.

Carolee Silver-Tone Imitation Pearl Adjustable Choker $60.00

3. This Minimalist Staple


This minimalist choker is a great staple. It looks perfect with almost any outfit and the crystal accents at the ends add just enough sparkle to dress up an outfit without looking overdone.

Park Avenue Gold-Tone Crystal Accent Choker $76.12

4. This 90s Classic


For true 90s kids, this is the choker style that was everywhere at the time. Sometimes you want to revert back to your childhood self. This the perfect choker style to take you there. Just refrain from adding a headful of butterfly clips to your hair. You want to want to honor the 90s; not look like you stepped out of time machine.

Plastic Chokers with Rondelle Beads $12.99

5. This Boho Babe Choker


It’s festival season. That means bohemian outfits are everywhere and a huge part of bohemian outfits is accessories. Add this choker to any boho outfit and layer it with other necklaces of varying lengths to complete a boho look.

Metal Choker with Textured Discs $11.88

6. This Twist On A Bowtie


This is a choker that you could probably DIY with any ribbon you find at the craft store. Just tie it around your neck and you have your own take on both a choker and a bowtie. Pair this choker with a ruffled dress to create a truly romantic and flirty outfit.

Faux Suede Bow Choker $6.90


Abigail is a creative writing major with a digital studies minor, learning the ins and outs of publishing. She hopes to one day take Anna Wintour or Joanna Coles' place in the editorial world. When she isn't writing articles or reading articles she can be found binge watching Netflix with a pile of food in her lap like so many other women her age.


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