Christmas time just might be the only time it’s acceptable for 20 something’s to watch the movies we loved when we were kids. But Christmas movies aren’t your typical kid movie…they’re like a time machine back to the days of being ridiculously excited about Santa and presents. Watching the Christmas movies we grew up with is pure nostalgia and they’ll never get old. Grab some hot chocolate and cookies (or popcorn, whatever you fancy during the holiday season) and cuddle up to watch these 20 something classic Christmas movies.


Seriously, it isn’t Christmas without watching Elf at least 25 times (which comes out to once a day starting December 1st). If you haven’t seen Elf…shame on you (but don’t fret, it plays on t.v. a lot).

Home Alone & Home Alone: Lost In New York

Only the Home Alone’s with Macaulay Culkin are the true classics  for us 20 something’s. Now there’s at least 2 or 3 more recent versions of Home Alone, but they just aren’t the same as the originals.

The Santa Clause

I don’t know what it is about The Santa Clause that makes it a Christmas classic, but for early 90’s babies it  is. As kids we were so fascinated by Tim Allen turning into Santa Claus because otherwise he was they guy from Home Improvement.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Chevy Chase, you are the greatest dad character, especially in Christmas Vacation. Everything that would go wrong, went SO SO wrong. This movie is almost more funny now than it was when we were kids.

Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas

I was in 4th grade when the people version of The Grinch came out. Omg, that was 14 years ago. This might be the only movie from the 2000’s that I would consider a Christmas movie classic for 20 something’s. Watching The Grinch is a guaranteed way to get in the Christmas spirit.

A Christmas Story

Okay, I’ve never watched A Christmas Story. But it’s on t.v. for 24 hours straight on Christmas Day so it must be a classic, right?

Jingle All The Way

This movie taught me how to memorize all the reindeer’s names in a sing-song way. It taught me that reindeer can drink beer. And it taught me that reindeer can totally kick your ass if necessary. Unless you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you’d just throw a right hook and knock the reindeer out.


Kristen Malm is a twenty-something year old Monmouth University graduate with a B.A. in English. After living on the Jersey Shore for 4 years, she is back home in CT looking for what to do next. She is obsessed with coffee, Gossip Girl, and brunch. She is also a seasonal (spring & summer) sushi and fro-yo addict. Kristen has joined in on the crossfit trend and may or may not become addicted…we will see (she probably will). Kristen enjoys history (it was her minor in college), traveling (she went to Ireland with high school classmates and England with college classmates), and watching MMA (there is just something about the anticipation of a person possibly getting knocked out…). She cares for her cat like its her child and loves listening to Spanish music even though 99% of the time she doesn't know what they are saying. Follow her on Instagram @kristenamalm !

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