Bangs are so hard to handle. First of all, you pay so much to get a haircut and then your bangs grow out in a month (At least that’s how it works for me). Also, I have always wanted to style my bangs differently, BUT my hair has an annoying natural part that doesn’t let me style my bangs. If you have a natural part, then you know how AWFUL it can be to style your hair. My hair might be super thin, silky, soft, and pretty (I’m not conceited – I swear)… but it’s just so boring! Curls don’t even last for over an hour. WELL, I saw Kim Kardashian on TV today wearing clip on bangs – as in Not Real, Fake, Doesn’t-Matter-If-You-Have-A-Natural-Part Bangs… I was in awe – and I still am.

These bangs are only $22. I found them on

I also found these bangs on They are a little more pricey – $106.25.

THIS is kind of amusing. I’m not sure which picture this girl looks better in… BUT you can see the clip on bangs out of her hair… WOW. I got this off of “” which is brought to us by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves. If Kim K’s wearing clip on bangs, there is no doubt in my mind that these will become a fad. These bangs by J.Simpson are only $24.95… Not bad.

Soooo… do you think you would EVER wear these?


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