There’s no better feeling than being in a committed relationship on Valentine’s Day. As you will you two will have each other to celebrate with on such a love driven holiday. Here are 14 reasons why being a committed relationship on Valentine’s Day is the best.

1. You get to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone you genuinely care about – not a random person you just started dating.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with that special someone is the best feeling in the world. As you two have a deep connection, deeply care for one another, and have established a strong relationship. There’s no better way to spend the holiday than with someone who you deeply care about.

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2. You won’t feel lonely, even if you don’t make plans and sit on the couch like it’s any other day.

There’s no need to feel lonely on V Day, as you’ll be spending the holiday with that special someone. It’s actually a pretty sweet feeling knowing you’re in a serious relationship with someone who knows well better than anyone else, fully respects you, treats you as you deserve to be treated, and someone you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with.

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3. You won’t care where you go on Valentine’s Day – as long as you’re together.

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4. You can laugh about past Valentine’s Days you spent together.

Thinking back on your relationship can sometimes be really fun, as you two can relive some of your best moments together. As you two can remember the first you both met, your first date, the first kiss, and other important memorable experiences you both endured together.

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5. You can make plans in advance without feeling like a “crazy girlfriend.”

Planning ahead for Valentine’s Day is important because restaurants and hotels book up quickly. Since you’re in a long-term relationship, you don’t have to worry about breaking up beforehand or feeling awkward about making plans in advance.

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6. It’s been long enough that you can make your significant other watch rom-coms with you.

Your partner in crime can watch all of those romantic comedies with you such as Pretty Woman, A Walk To Remember, and The Notebook. He probably won’t even complain either because you’re at the point in your relationship where he doesn’t have to pretend to hate these movies.

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7. You know exactly what to get your S/O for Valentine’s Day, if anything at all, so you don’t have to deal with the struggle of not knowing what to buy.

Buying gifts for your significant other can be fun around Valentine’s Day, as its fun spending your money on someone other than yourself. You also have several different options on what you can buy him such as candy, balloons, clothes, or even a gift card to his favorite lunch/dinner spot.

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8. It is pretty much a given that you will be getting chocolate and candy.

Free chocolate and candy is such an essential  part of Valentine’s Day.

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9. You’ll be reassured that your love is [100% emoji here].

Even though on Valentine’s Day this stuff is pretty much forced, you know your love is true and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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