The transition from college to post college life is a tough one. Especially when it comes to dating.

In college meeting women is easy. Every friend we have likely knows five girls we don’t. With every new class we enter, new opportunities to meet people arrive. Then there is the endless stream of parties and bars that are just filled with beautiful college girls.

Then something terrible happens when we leave college. Little by little, the opportunities to meet women dwindle down. In the first couple years of our young twenties, we don’t party as much, but we still do our fair share of partying as if we are still in college. As we slowly move into our mid-twenties, many of our friends slowly move away, branch off into exclusive relationships, and often vanish off the face of the earth.

For those of us who are left to enter our late twenties single, the opportunities to meet women out and about shrink even smaller. We fall into routines of seeing the same people every day, no longer have the energy to party late on weekends, and can barely find single friends who still want to go out.

Are we hopeless if we don’t have a friend to set us up at this point in our lives? Not at all! Luckily, we live in the modern age of dating, and we all have one powerful medium to keep us from ever suffering a lonely fate – Online dating. Some men will refuse, insisting that this is not “natural.” Big mistake.

Here are five reasons you should start online dating today:

1. This IS the natural way of meeting people now.

Talk to any single person these days and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t tried online dating. Let’s face it; meeting online is the new “natural way” to meet for people all over the world. Everyone is doing it. With technology taking over in the past two decades, it is only natural that relationships take part in this revolution as well.

2. The quality of women is better than ever.

There was once a time where the quality of women online were not much better than a newspaper personal. Not anymore. These days female members are more beautiful, more successful, and higher quality than ever before. In fact, most are even higher quality than those you would meet at a bar.

3. The opportunity is exponentially greater.

Head to your local bar on any given night and you might find 50 guys and 11 girls. But what if only 3 of those women are cute, and only 1 of the cute ones is single? Talk about an inefficient waste of time. Sign online and you could find 100 girls within 10 miles who are all single!

4. There is not as much pressure.

As we grow older and older, less and less people are willing to head out at night to bars and clubs. On the rare occasions when they do, this puts an enormous amount of pressure to meet someone that night, because we may not have another opportunity for weeks. Online dating provides no pressure whatsoever. The women will always be there!

So there you have it. Four reasons you NEED to sign up for online dating today. You may think being single in your late twenties is awful. In actuality, it’s a great thing. You just need to find the right outlets!

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