Saw the coolest thing online last night and thought I’d share it with you all and show you how to make it! It’s the cheapest iPod speaker you’ll ever find and it took all of 4 minutes to make. I didn’t have too many markers with me when I made mine, so it’s not as decorative as it could be. I’ve seen some decorated in wrapping paper or with stickers–you could even bedazzle it, if you’re into that. Be creative people.














-Empty toilet paper roll

-10 pushpins

-Knife of some sort — I used a box cutter, but you could use and x-acto knife or probably any kind of really sharp kitchen knife.

Total Cost: $0 (That is, unless you don’t have push pins laying around somewhere and need to buy them. You could also just steal them from the office..)

Total Time: About 5 minutes + any time you wanna take decorating the thing.


1) Place your iPod/Phone on the top of the roll to trace it. Trace it with the case on so the hole is big enough if you ever take your case off, or if you want to put someone else’s phone in it.


2) Cut along the lines your traced to create a slot. You should now have a hole in the top of your toilet paper roll–try placing your phone inside to make sure it fits.


2.5) If you’re gonna decorate, I would do it here.

3) Now for the push pins–with the slot facing up and in the middle, you’re going to put two rows of pins at about a 45′ angle on either side of the middle (on the bottom), creating a bridge for the roll to sit on. I evenly spread out 5 on each side so that it would be sturdy enough to hold the iPhone.


4) Now to test it out–press play and put your iPhone in the slot. You now have a new speaker! No, it’s not gonna be a crazy big sound, but it is definitely going to make your music at least 2 times louder! If you can’t tell the difference right away, pull the phone in and out a couple times and you’ll definitely hear the difference.

So easy and convenient–you can carry it (or make a new one) just about anywhere you go. Enjoyyyy!

Let me know if you have questions about any of the steps or materials! You can e-mail me at, or comment on here!


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