Levi’s CEO says you never have to wash your jeans. Chip Bergh told Fortune magazine he’s been wearing the same pair for a year and they have yet to see the washing machine.

Grossed out? Totally pumped?

I say SCORE. I hate doing laundry so this is great news. Who likes jeans right out of the dryer anyway? Sure, they might smell like Gain or Snuggles or your laundry product of choice…but the jump-to-get-in-them-because-they’re-so-tight struggle is real. Plus they feel stiff. No thanks.


Don’t worry, there is a way, Bergh claims, that you can avoid being completely disgusting in unwashed jeans. He says he hasn’t gotten a skin disease (yet.) He suggests instead of tossing them in the wash, throw them in the freezer to get any smells out. Then spot clean any spots that may have formed from spilling your coffee or beer, dropping pasta or ice cream, or any other stains that exist that I’m not even going to discuss (yuck.)

1969 easy fit jeans (light wash) - stonewash

A non-scientific poll of people in my social circles has split-down-the-middle results. Just like if you overwash your jeans. Some people say, “EW NO THEY NEED TO BE WASHED ASAP.” While others say, “a few wears won’t hurt.” Then there’s my boyfriend who dry cleans his jeans (who does that?)

So take this advice with a grain of salt and do what you want with your laundry. I don’t think I’ll be freezing and spot cleaning my Old Navy Divas, but I will wear them more than once before washing.




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