Today I have announced via Twitter my decision to NOT shop for two whole weeks.

This means: NO new dresses… NO new shirts… NO new shoes… NO new jewelry – even if it’s cheap… and NO new clothing items from Target (I always think these purchases don’t matter because it’s, like, Target).

I live at home currently and do not pay rent, so for the past few months my expenses have strictly been food, alcohol, mini vacations, clothes, shoes, and accessories. Somehow, I have managed to spend probably half a months worth of money I could be saving on things I do not need. September 1st, I am moving out. You might be asking yourself “why?” Because, honestly, WHY am I going to pay for rent when I don’t need to and can spend half (or more) of that money on clothes, accessories, drinks, and vacations? Or put the money right into savings and be super rich super fast?

Anyway, since I work in the wonderful world of communications in an entry level position, I make ummm nothing. Yeah, pretty much nothing compared to what other people are making that went to school for something other than communications (and are my age – aka of “recent grad” status). So I should really be saving the small amount of money I actually make – rather than buying a really cute 80 dollar dress that I am only going to wear once or twice. Why do I do this? Because buying things makes me happy. So does that mean shopping buys happiness?

That is exactly what I am going to find out during these two weeks of “shopping celibacy.” I don’t even know if my vow to not spend money will last that long. Of course, I will still need to buy gas and food… but other than that I don’t need to spend my money on anything else… except maybe a bottle or two of Skinny Girl Margarita which is only $10 a bottle at BJ’s! So this next paycheck should almost go fully go into my savings account. I mean, a girl has got to save if she wants to be fabulous not just in the moment. Let the shopping spree end

How long do you think I will last without shopping? I am taking bets. Part two of this post will be posted, umm, as soon as I shop again!


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