So, if you know me, you know that I own a ridiculous amount of clothing and probably wear less than 1/4th of it all. I have no problem admitting that I have a problem… that problem being compulsive shopping. Watching “Confessions of a Shopaholic” is like watching my demise… except I did fill three giant trashbags with clothes I will never wear again and put it in the attic (I swear I’m giving it away soon) and I do know how to save money and pay back my credit card on time. It’s just that every time I have extra money, I go shopping. Thanks to Facebook, once an outfit has been in a picture, I can’t wear it out again! Unless of course, I dress it up with different jewelry… or a belt… or shoes… But you can’t do that with every outfit, leaving me to get sick of clothes after a week of owning them. To cope with the stress, I buy new outfits… almost every weekend. I totally don’t recommend following my lead of compulsive shopping, but today when I was supposed to be doing other things, I found myself shopping online… And this is what happened:

Twitter linked me to these shoes and started the following shopping frenzy…

Urban. A cute dress. In purple. Do I need this? No. Do I want this? Yes.

A blazer is on my list of things I need – yes, need. Two weekends ago I bought a “blardigan” – blazer+cardigan – but now I’ve decided I want the blazer too. And not my Banana Republic blazer used for important business related events… I want this one, from Urban of course.

I need to be tan to wear this. Summer dress? Ahh, yes. From Urban.

This is what my winter closet looks like. However, I know that the bottom material is not the most flattering on me… SO it’s prob a no, but still cute! Also from Urban.

Ahh, summer dress, from Urban, again. Need to be tan, but love it.

Once again, all dresses that look like this fill my closet. Why not have one more? 🙂 From Forever.

This is adorable! I waantttttt – if it looks good on me of course. (BTW this is $32 – Forever’s pricing are slowly rising…)

Ahh – flowers! Spring! It’s coming – YAY! (Also a Forever dress)

The one shoulder. I love the splatter pattern. From Forever (this next one is the last one – i swear!)

This dress is absolutely adorable. The flower pattern, the flower belt… It’s cute, classy, AND a summer dress!!!

I had to stop looking online – I was just getting depressed I couldn’t buy anything… and that’s never good.


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