My Little Pony

The attack of tiny pretty ponies with long hair extensions. Yeah, this was my favorite TV show when I was really young… and I must have been really young because I do not remember one single episode. All I know is that I have a pink pony in my room at home… and that Summer Roberts from the OC had one named “Princess Sparkle.” I wonder what the point of “My Little Pony” was.


Whoever created the concept for this show is a genius.

Stick Stickly

I barely remember what Stick Stickly actually did on television, but I do remember him being there. WHY did we watch a Popsicle stick with eyes, a nose, and a mouth???? I don’t know what is worse… Stick Stickly or…..


Face is much worse than Stick Stickly. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO HIM. This is a serious WTF. Face was obviously on television long after our early childhood days, but I still watched him. I won’t lie. I had little brothers and sometimes stayed home sick from school and watched Blue’s Clues.

Blue’s Clues

I am not sure if this is the 1st or 2nd Steve, but last weekend we confirmed that Steve did not overdose on drugs/commit suicide. He simply did not want to be known the rest of his life for starring in a child’s television show… but he is… He is not known for anything else except Blue’s Clues.

Ahh! Real Monsters


Clarissa Explains It All

What did she explain?

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Remember this had the TV7 rating? OOOOOOOOOO big deal. You had to be 7!


This is a throwback.

Angry Beavers

A classic that had a very fitting title. Because no beaver would ever be happy.

Cousin Skeeter

1. What kind of name is Skeeter? 2. He looks like a zappos commercial. Anyone remember the episode when he went to space or something?


For months I have been trying to remember what the show with the boney, crazy dog was called. WEINERVILLE. Obviously this show is not about Jews, so someone with a sick, twisted mind was clearly working at Nick when they decided to air “Weinerville” and “Cousin Skeeter.” Also, Eureeka’s Castle – what was that?


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  1. i still lose sleep over catdog

    and i thought i was the only one who watched Popular…

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