It’s that time of year again to hit the open bar heavy, curse through the heels, and poorly hide your romantic apathy because wedding season is in full force and it’s not leaving any survivors.

This time around, why not surprise the new love birds by getting the duo something a little cuter than a can opener (although, never underestimate a can opener until you don’t have one.. like that time you tried using a knife to pry the lid open and then what’s really tomato paste or blood at that point anyway).

Try one of these unique gifts found on Etsy.


1. Foodie Dice

1 copy

An innovative gift for the foodie couples in your life, roll the dice to get creative with what to make for dinner that night. $24.00, purchase here


2. Granite Coasters


For the host/hostess couple, a set of four granite coasters. $35.00, purchase here.


3. Driftwood Clock


For a neutral decorative piece, try a driftwood clock for the rustic, outdoors loving couple. $32.00, purchase here.


4. Vintage picture frames

4 4_alt

Consider purchasing some one of a kind vintage frames for the pair to have to decorate ALL their walls, instead of limiting their joy and happiness solely to Facebook. $33.00 – 58.00+, purchase here or here.


5. Mason jar cozy


Order some handmade mason jar or can cozies, color coordinate to match the couples college colors, wedding colors, or to match their pad. $9.00 per, purchase here.


6. Hand made bathroom accessories


Any reason is a good one to remind the new dream team that they get to share bathrooms for the rest of their lives, so spice things with a charming bathroom set.. or something. $16.00+, purchase here.


7. A Beer Lover’s Dishtowel set


Here’s a set of four dishtowels perfect for the “hoppy” couple, destined to adorn any trendy bar cart, $33.50+, purchase here.


8. DIY Bookbinding kit


For an unconventional DIY gift, try a bookbinding kit. $28.00, purchase here.


9. Personalized Bottle Stoppers


For a personalized gift, here is an engraved wooden bottle stopper to remind them of their special day.. sort of like using positive reinforcement of happy memories if they manage to not kill the bottle in one sitting, because lets be honest, weekdays require extra motivation. $11.90, purchase here.


Logan is a 24 year old college graduate, photographer, writer, cat lady, adventurer, and foodie in Orange County, California. In her spare time she likes camping, reading, road tripping, volunteering, watching cat videos, and studying nutrition.

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