As someone who has always been a little athletically challenged (and slightly uncoordinated) I never developed a competitive streak – until I got a Fitbit for my birthday last year. I started using it to simply get up and move more, what I didn’t expect was becoming addicted to hitting that magic number – the daily step goal.

Here are eight things that have happened to me because I am addicted to my Fitbit.


1. Before bed, I will pace around my apartment until I hit my daily step goal.

It may be 11 p.m. on a Wednesday night and I should be asleep, but I am less than 300 steps from hitting my step goal for the day, so I get out of bed and make laps in the apartment until I hit it (Apologies have been made to my downstairs neighbor).


2. I will go on walks just to out-do competition.

Workweek Hustle Challenges have brought out a competitive streak in me I didn’t know I had. Seeing that someone just bumped me out of first place calls for an impromptu 30-minute walk around the neighborhood.


3. I get most excited for plans that involve lots of walking.

I get really excited to go to the farmer’s market, the fair, or any event that requires copious amounts of walking because that means more steps and a chance to hit my goal early in the day.


4. I volunteer to do chores because they mean more steps.

No longer do I ask my husband to take someone to the garbage or go to the mailbox, I volunteer to do it because that means more steps.


5. I take the stairs everywhere I go now just to watch the number of flights increase.


6. If my Fitbit dies or somehow gets left home, I get depressed.

If there is nothing to track to my steps, did I even move today?


7. I track my sleep.

When I initially got my Fitbit, I didn’t sleep with it on, but once that I learned it can track your sleep and every time you wake up, my fitbit never leaves my wrist. Well, unless it’s shower time since they are not fully waterproof yet (Hint hint Fitbit).


8. I find success in seeing all green when I sync my Fitbit to the app, Hello Green Club!

An immediate feeling of success washes over. It’s been a good day.



Baker. Teacher's wife. Appalachian State alum. ECU grad student. Social media enthusiast.

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