All together, the Spice Girls have 11 children.

Justin Timberlake left Nsync and went solo 10 years ago.

Nick Lachey is 38.

Nelly was in his prime 10 years ago.

People who were born in the 90s have already graduated from college.

The last episode of Boy Meets World aired 12 years ago.

Start -> Programs -> Games. No one does that anymore. Except my boyfriend. Because he is Amish.

Fights broke out over Tickle Me Elmo during the holidays 16 years ago.

12 year old kids didn’t know who Madonna was before she performed at this year’s Super Bowl. Believe me. I have a 12 year old brother… and I asked him.

The first iPod came out over 10 years ago.

Anchorman came out EIGHT years ago.

Tetris and snood? More like Twitter and Facebook.

We obsessed over Furbys 14 years ago.

Crank Dat Soulja Boy came out 5 years ago.

It feels like Justin Bieber’s first single “One Time” came out yesterday. However, that was three years ago and he sounds like a baby in that song. Completely different than he does now.


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  2. I’m sorry, but if you’re 12 and don’t know who Madonna is, it’s not that you’re too young, it’s just that you’re retarded. Elvis dies 4 years before I was born, but I still know who he was. Honestly, what is wrong with people?

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