Back in the day, Halloween wasn’t about pumpkin beer, getting wasted, showing skin, and looking sexy. It was all about getting candy and having our parents buy us and/or make us really cool costumes. We got all dolled up for school and on Halloween night (aka early evening) and went with our parents to random houses asking for candy. We would fill up pumpkin baskets and/or pillowcases full of candy and then fight with our siblings about who had the most candy.

What we were for Halloween wasn’t exactly our choice as kids. It was partly our parents choice because they had to pay for it. We just had to agree. Kind of. Nowadays parents have the Internet to endlessly surf for costume ideas for kids. They come up with creative DIY costumes for kids OR buy these extremely lavish, detailed costumes. They don’t have to resort to the cliche costumes we wore as kids – unless they want to of course. Here are a few costumes I wore as a kid…

A Princess: Well, duh. My childhood wouldn’t have been complete without dressing up like a princess. I actually wanted to be a princess when I grew up before I realized that was not at all possible, so this costume was very fitting. NOTE: I was a princess again a few years later. I couldn’t let it go. I actually still can’t but it’s fine.

Grapes: Thanks to my mom, one year I had to wear a green sweatshirt, green sweatpants, and have green balloons taped to me everywhere. It was awful on me, but extremely creative for the 90s. My one and only creative DIY costume as a child. And no, there will not be a picture.

Bride: It would be a long time before I wore (slash wear) a wedding dress again. At least I looked good in it.

Witch: This was fitting.

Cat: Before I decided I wanted to be a princess when I grew up, I wanted to be a cat. Like, I actually wanted to be a cat. I wrote it in my pre-school yearbook or something. No idea how or why I thought being a cat was possible, but at least I got to do it one Halloween. NOTE: One of my brothers is dressed as a ‘handyman’/Hitler. Take your pick.

Pumpkin: Let’s make my chubby child self look even more chubby by wearing a round costume? Okay.

Devil: This costume was complete with my pleather skirt from Limited Too because pleather was badass and so was being a devil. I’m pretty sure that was the only time I wore that skirt even though I loved it (it’s still in my closet).

Rock Star: No idea how this outfit (that didn’t even fit) made me into a rock star, but I had a microphone so it was okay. NOTE: The star glasses. I tried to find such glasses for my costume this year – they no longer exist.

Had to add this picture of my youngest brother in as an added bonus. HAPPY HALLOWEEKEND.

What costumes do remember wearing as a kid on Halloween?


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