When The Lights Go Out – 5ive: How can you NOT love a British boy band called 5ive? The song involved – you guessed it – five guys singing about what happens when the lights go out… with an epic rap break in the middle. I don’t think I actually knew anything that happened when the lights went out other than sleep at age 9, but whatever. The song was catchy and I can still recite the words today.

Candy – Mandy Moore: This song started off slow and then picked up in a kind of sexy way. I made many dances to this song with friends that involved a whole lot of hip shaking. I haven’t seen Mandy Moore since Entourage. Where did she go?

Faded – Soul Decision: Ahh, a personal favorite. ‘Kinda Faded, but I feel alright. Thinkin’ bout making my move tonight.’ No idea what that meant in the 5th grade, but it was fine with me. This song had the best beat ever and catchiest chorus ever. It had me dancing for days… Oh wait, it still does.

Show Me Love – Robyn: Yes, I know Robyn is still around… in a much different way. But I still love her for this gem circa 1997. I remember when this song was overplayed on the radio and I used to listen to it on my little sony walkman (yes walkman – not discman – not ipod).

Bouncing Off The Ceiling – A*Teens: I still listen to this song when I want to get pumped up… and no, I’m not embarrassed (okay fine – maybe a little). The A*Teens were this Swedish band that was trying to mimic ABBA. Why anyone would want to mimic ABBA in the early 2000’s, I have no idea. But this song was and still is awesome.

MMMBop – Hanson: You may just remember the ‘mmm’s’ and the ‘bops,’ but I remember the lyrics. All the lyrics. Plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose… Plant whatever you effing want. This song was about… friendship. I think? I mean, I should know this after reciting this song almost 200 times during karaoke at camp the summer it came out.

Remember when we thought they were attractive little boys?

What A Girl Wants – Christina Aguilera: Leave it to a young Christina to let the world know what we (women) want. I’m not really sure what she said we wanted… but I know she got the point across that she had an awesome voice and wasn’t some bimbo big-boobed slut like Britney Spears… or was she?

Shape of My Heart – Backstreet Boys: Out of all the BSB songs, this may not be the most ‘classic,’ but to me it holds a special place… in my heart. I could and will belt out this song at any time on any day in any situation. From screaming the lyrics alone in my car while driving to doing my made-up-dance to it circa 2000 with friends in our kitchens… This song will NEVER get old.

It’s Gonna Be Me – Nsync. This song was the anthem of middle school. Scratch that – this song was the anthem of my childhood. Back when TRL was at it’s finest, and long before Justin Timberlake realized he was like actually super talented, our favorite boy band made classic hits… and even better music videos to go along with them. Hotties as dolls? Sign me up.

Baby… One More Time – Britney Spears: When I hear one beat of this song, I immediately picture Brit in a pleated mini skirt with a white shirt exposing her stomach and knee high socks – with her hair in pig tails. She is sitting at her desk, biting the end of her pencil, watching the clock waiting for the bell to ring so she can get out of class and dance in the halls. I wanted to be her. Why? Why wasn’t I?

Nice moves, Brit.

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  1. Mandy Moore graduated from pop princess to Disney Princess. Since Entourage she was Rapunzel in the Disney movie Tangled 🙂

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