I’m gunna take it back to 1999… The year of boy bands, girl bands, Britney Spears, BSB, Nsync, The Spice Girls, Christina, 98 Degrees, and more. “No Scrubs,” “Baby One More Time,” “Genie in a Bottle,” & “I Want It That Way” were just some of the classics that took the year by storm. And we cannot forget Britney & Nsync’s unreal performance together at the VMA’s that year. MIND BLOWING (I mean Brit and Justin were like dating).

I had just finished the 5th grade and was about to embark on the journey to middle school, and to tell you the truth, I could not have done it without these inspiring young artists. My youngest brother was born this year, and if it wasn’t for his older-than-usual siblings, he would have no idea who these people were. Kids these days are growing up with The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, who smoked out of a bong for her 18th birthday for all of her young fans to see… There is no Nsync. No BSB. NO SPICE GIRLS (Girl Power). There IS Britney, though – just a dub stepping, cracked out, older version of the sweet girl on the cover of “…Baby One More Time.”

Times have changed. But it doesn’t mean we have to stop listening to the awesome music of the 90’s and the rest our childhood. Better yet, embrace it. Here is Len’s “Steal My Sunshine” – a classic that will have you wanting summer even more than you did when you woke up this morning and saw snow outside (that is, if you live in the North East) AND remembering the year of 1999. (Great running song too – Yeah, it’s on my gym playlist…)



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