It’s no secret that 20-somethings love social media. Personally, Twitter is slowly becoming my favorite social network. When it comes to Twitter, I am a firm believer that it only gets better when you follow the right people, places, and things. Twitter doesn’t have to simply entertain, but it can inform and inspire too. Aside from your best friends and favorite celebrities, here are 15 essential twitter accounts that every 20something should follow:

  1. The official twitter page of your university: School pride – social media style.
  2. The Twitter page of your city’s young professionals club. An easy way to meet new people and network within your city.
  3. Your favorite news outlet’s official twitter page.  Useful for getting breaking news updates, or for when you are too busy lazy to actually read the news and just want to skim headlines.
  4. The twitter page of the company you work for, or the company you want to work for.  One of the easiest ways to prepare for an interview or to stay on top of company-wide news without having to read the monthly company newsletter. Companies also sometimes post links to job openings too.
  5. @ThoughtCatalog: An insightful and humorous blog covering all sorts of random topics relating to life as a young adult.
  6. @eHarmonyProbs:  Some things are just not socially acceptable to put on an online dating profile. One girl anonymously tweets about the best of the worst profiles found on eHarmony.
  7. @Postgradprobems: We all have them, and oddly enough, they seem a lot funnier when they’re posted on twitter.
  8. @HeatherHuhman: Heather is a career expert dedicated to finding internships and entry-level work for college students and recent grads. When it comes to job searching, young grads often need all the help they can get, and Heather’s advice is indispensable.
  9. @EmergencyPuppy (Emergency Cute Animals): Time isn’t wasted when you are looking at pictures of adorable animals. Your mood will improve, and your co-workers will thank you.
  10.  @forever20tweets: Duh.
  11.  @BarackObama or @MittRomney: The political world is becoming increasingly social media savvy. Stay up to date on your candidate’s campaign and where they stand on the issues
  12.  @90sgirlproblems: and @90sboyproblems:  A tribute to one of the greatest  decades ever, and the kids who grew up in it. If we can’t go back in time, we might as well relive the glory days through Twitter.
  13. @surisburnbook (Suri’sBurn Book):  Suri Cruise: Hollywood’s six-year old mean girl. Watch out, Perez.
  14. @oldmansearch: The searches one man’s 82 year-old father types into twitter thinking it’s Google. End result: Hilarity.
  15. @smartprettyawk (Molly Ford): The founder of the blog Smart, Pretty, and Awkward, Molly tweets and blogs about to be smarter, prettier, and less awkward.

What are your favorite twitter accounts to follow?


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