As you all know since Starbucks for some reason promoted it on Twitter (literally, with money), the red cups are back meaning two things: 1. The holidays are coming and 2. Halloween is over.

Us ladies at Forever Twenty Somethings looooove Halloween. Okay, maybe we get annoyed at the effort that has to go into “the costume” and the money that has to go into making it, but when it’s all said and done, this is a ridiculous holiday with all the opportunity for mass picture taking. Just check out our founder Sam dressed as the black llama from the #LlamasOnTheLoose fiasco when the two llamas ran free down the highways in Arizona. Believe it or not, this outfit took a lot of crafting and a lot of money, but the photo opp was #worthit.

#LLAMASONTHELOOSE #Forever20Halloween

A photo posted by Samantha Matt (@samanthamatt1) on

This year, we held a costume contest on Instagram where we encouraged you guys to hashtag #Forever20Halloween when posting your pics for a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card. We got a TON of great submissions so we decided to pick some of our faves to share with you on the blog. Be sure to follow us on Insta @forever20tweets where we will be posting the winner tonight (11/2/15) around 9pm.

If you didn’t submit a pic yet, be sure to add the hashtag to your pics and make sure your account is PUBLIC by 830pm tonight and you can be entered to win too!!!

For now, check out some our faaaave entries!

1. Ariana Grande and her donut.

One grande Ariana and a donut please #Forever20Halloween ?? A photo posted by Alyssa Marzinsky (@amarzinsk) on

2. North West.

Spirit Animal: North West #halloween #forever20halloween #northwest #kanye #kim #kardashian #yeezus A photo posted by K J ? (@kylijoh_) on

3. Starbucks Frappuccino.


Ask the barista for a strawberry frapp. #forever20halloween


A photo posted by lwitta6 (@lwitta6) on

4. The ladies from Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” video.


Sorry @justinbieber, we aren’t sorry.


A photo posted by Hillary Bautch (@hillarybautch) on

5. Hot Flash

Sexy The Flash. A photo posted by @katieschle on

6. Energizer Bunny


“Long lasting energizer batteries keep going and going and going and going and going and going….”


A photo posted by Maxine ❤️ranft (@maxinehartranft) on

7. Social Butterfly

This is a momentous occasion, I am actually dressed up for #Halloween. #SocialButterfly #Forever20Halloween A photo posted by Jasmyne Channel (@jchaunice) on

8. Skeleton. This makeup is on fleek (do ppl still say that?)


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