Allow me to ring in the Holiday season with an overwrought, been-there-done-that-1,000-times tradition: saying thank-you. Honorable mentions to the following individuals:


Sure, you go into hiding more than I’d like. And when I call on you for silly things like giving a second opinion on a Tuesday morning work outfit, or outweighing the weight on the scale in the bathroom, you’re nowhere to be found. But when I really need you, I’m talking make-it-or-break-it moments of pure panic and self-doubt, you’re there like clockwork. And you were by my side for most of this year, constantly pushing me forward in the right direction despite the external noise clouding my vision. You taught me that in order to convince the rest of the world to believe in me, I have to believe in myself. Come play more often in 2013, I promise we’ll have more fun.


Old friend, you’ve kept me laughing when no one else could do the trick. I can always rely on you for comfort, reassurance, and most importantly, for a reality check. Everything doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. It’s OK to laugh at the messy situations when they arrive on your doorstep, looking pitiful and desperate. It’s OK to laugh at myself when I’ve screwed up royally, or overcooked the pasta to the extreme al dente, or missed the last train home. Things don’t always go how you want them to, and life isn’t perfect; thanks for the reminder.


Although you have never been my strong suit, I must commend you for your hard work and dedication throughout 2012. I tested you at random when bumper-to-bumper traffic loomed ahead. I relied on you to get me through my web-browsing, beach ball of doom tantrums. And when life became less trivial and more real, I learned to have a little more faith in you. I learned to appreciate the time it took to see my boyfriend after waiting for two weeks. I grew to understand that if it’s worth the wait, I should quit complaining and enjoy the meantime.


Heavenly Father, may you bless this. I honestly, without hesitation or doubt, do not know where I would be without you. Every rough patch that I’ve come across this year would have been impossible were it not for your presence. Whether that rough patch involved unemployment woes, financial struggles, or the severe case of depression that I suffered following People Magazine’s random and obnoxious obsession with the wedding of a former fictitious flame who goes by the initials, J.T. You took the form of family, friends, and when I least expected it, myself. Through the terrible, wonderful, and awkward times in-between, a most sincere thank you is in order.

**Wishing all of our FTS readers a safe and happy holiday!


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