If you haven’t already heard, the entire #FreeTheNipple campaign on Instagram has a young, new contributor. Willow Smith has joined the team and not too many people are excited about it (and rightfully so).

willow smith

Willow is a mere fourteen years old. What would our parents have thought if we walked around with an image of someone else’s nipples on our shirt? Uhhh, I don’t know about your parents, but my parents wouldn’t have let me buy the shirt to begin with. Hell, I don’t even think my mom would like it if I wore a shirt like that today.

Here’s the kicker:

Everyone who is freaking out about the scandalous picture is older than her. We’re disappointed to see such a pretty little girl getting involved in something so ‘grown up.’

If we were her age, do you think that we’d have our  panties in such a bunch? Probably not. Chelsea Handler posted a photo completely topless a few weeks ago  and we cheered her on. Kim Kardashian broke the Internet with her Paper Magazine cover and we simply loved her even more.

Willow wore a shirt with nipples on it an we’re going crazy. Sure, she’s young, but it’s not like she doesn’t know what nipples are… WE ALL HAVE THEM. As a young woman in the lime light, she should be applauded for empowering women, not bashed for wearing a graphic shirt.

Clearly it’s a touchy subject and there’s no right or wrong answer, but we’d love to know how you’re feeling about it all. #FreeTheNipple or keep them contained? Leave your comment to let your voice be heard!


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