All friendships are diverse and special in their own way. Each friend has their own unique and one of a kind personality. No relationship is ever akin. We appreciate every friendship for different reasons and although no one is perfect, we are genuinely thankful for each and every one of them. When you’re in your twenties, you most likely already know who your true friends are. You’ve grown up together and your relationships continue to blossom as you grow older.

Just like the cast of ‘Friends,’ all of the characters are in their twenties still trying to figure it all out. But having good friends around makes the challenges in life more bearable. The beauty and diversity of all friendships can be perfectly described through many of the main characters in ‘Friends’:


1. The Jokester – Chandler

There is always that one sarcastic friend who never fails to crack a smile on your face. They’re outspoken with their blunt honesty and catch you off guard sometimes with their clever remarks. They use humor in awkward situations and never take things too seriously. Their quick wit makes them fun to be around, but sometimes it can go a bit too far.


2. The Flirt – Joey

This friend always has the best pick-up lines. They can go up to almost anyone and say how you doin’? In other words, they’re a smooth talker. They are confident and comfortable with making conversation, even if what they’re saying doesn’t always make sense. As the life of the party, they love to have a good time and are always looking to make new friends 😉


3. The High-Strung Perfectionist – Monica

You can always count on this friend to get the job done. Their ambitious drive and active energy make them a great party planner and workout buddy. They thrive on order and most likely have the cleanest apartment out of all your friends. They’re so much of a control freak that you sometimes feel like they control a good portion of your own life. Their incredible organization skills and persistence gets them far in life, but their competitiveness can get the best of them. A simple game of Ping-Pong can turn into more than what you expected…


4. The Spoiled One – Rachel

This friend never fails to turn down a trip to the mall. As your go-to shopping partner, you can always count on this friend for fashion advice. They most likely come from a wealthy upbringing, which explains why they tend to be a bit spoiled. This friend seems to have an outfit for almost every occasion and is constantly up on the latest trends. With a materialistic outlook on life, they aren’t afraid to splurge and enjoy the finer things in life.


5. The Dorky Intellect – Ross

Sometimes when talking to this friend it feels as though they are giving you a lecture. This friend has a precise way of speaking and will never leave out any details. They are probably the smartest of all your friends and work as either a scientist or professor (or a paleontologist). As a thinker at heart, they take everything into deep consideration and overanalyze words and situations. Although they can be goofy and embarrassing at times, you can’t help but adore them for their dorky, lovable demeanor.


6. The Hipster – Phoebe

Eccentric, creative, and full of abstract ideas, this friend has a knack for the arts. They amaze you with their incredible imagination and spontaneity. Curiosity drives their actions and they are always up for adventure and trying new things. There is never a dull moment and you can talk to them about anything without any judgment whatsoever. As quirky and weird as they can be, they have a good soul.

phoebe friends

7. The Loudmouth – Janice

You can hear their high-pitched voice and cringe-worthy laugh from far across the room. People can’t help but notice and stare when they hear it. They over accentuate everything and sometimes you think they do it just for attention. As the drama queen of the friend group, they make things seem like a bigger deal than they actually are and are known for their irritating catchphrase “OH MY GOD.” Although you know they can’t help their nasal crackle, their overly dramatic way about them can be a bit overbearing.


8. Your Favorite Barista – Gunther

If you’re a regular coffee drinker like me, we all have our favorite barista at the local Starbucks or coffee shop in town that knows exactly what we like and how we like it. It’s easy to make regular conversation with them that isn’t too fixated on personal matters. Sometimes it’s nice to have that friend who only knows us on the surface level. They are always friendly when you come in and brighten your day with their sweet smile and your morning/afternoon pick-me-up drink. What more could you ask for?



In the end…

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Katherine (aka Kat) is a Communication and Media Studies major with a concentration in Journalism at Fordham University. As a Jersey girl at heart and beach native, she looks forward to summers down the shore, going for runs along the coastline, and reading Nicholas Sparks romance novels. In her downtime, Katherine enjoys playing the guitar and writing for pleasure. Katherine plans on continuing to pursue her passion for music and writing in hopes of someday landing her dream career. Follow her Instagram @kat_falzon

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