What ever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV?

If reading those words sparked in you a feeling of nostalgic joy and excitement — or if you just sang them to yourself — you’re probably a fan of the award-winning, hit syndicated sitcom from the late 80s and early 90s, “Full House.”

You can still catch reruns of the original “Full House” on “Nick at Nite,” where individual episodes averaged 1.5 million viewers in 2014.  And 90’s kids everywhere are rejoicing at the news that “Fuller House” is waiting for you just around the bend with its Netflix premiere scheduled  in just a few short weeks. Especially now that the full trailer was released. It is literally your childhood.

“Full House” isn’t the only 90s throwback making a comeback though. Disney’s “Boy Meets World” was rebooted in the form of “Girl Meets World” in 2014, and featured returning 90s cast members. Those jelly sandals that every girl in your class owned are everywhere you look – on Instagram, and other early 90s fashion trends are slowly returning to the scene. Even Goosebumps, the popular 90s book series (that I probably read in its entirety!) and TV show, was made into a movie last year!

But why stop there? Here are 10 more throwbacks that definitely deserve a comeback:

1. Moon Shoes

Mini-trampolines for your feet that let you bounce around like you’re walking on the moon? Yes please.

moon shoes

2. Ridiculous Sugary Cereals 

Oreo cookies are perfect with milk. Cereal is also perfect with milk. Combining them made for a taste sensation that was the bomb-diggity, especially paired with your favorite Saturday morning cartoons – who’s that girl, what’s her nameThis cereal is listed on Amazon, but sadly is not available for purchase. Rice Krispies Treats Cereal, French Toast Crunch, and Sprinkle Spangles all deserve a shout out as well!

Rice Krispies Treats

3. TaB soda

TaB was a delicious diet cola popular way back in the 60s and 70s and remained that way until the late 80s and early 90s. Luckily nowadays it’s still available, but pretty hard to find in stores. It’d make a great add to any 80s or 90s party!

tab soda

4. Flip Sunglasses

A Different World is another great TV show from the 90s. But even better than the show were the signature flip sunglasses worn by Dwayne Wayne. Seriously, could he look any more fly?

different world

5. 90s Slang

Slang words today are so much cooler than the ones from the 90s… NOT! Remember when cool things were all that? When you tried to dress fly? Your best friend was your home skillet! Try to throw some old-school 90s terms back into your vocabulary.  Your bae would appreciate the reprieve. Word.


6. Wonder Ball

You know the one I’m talking about – I’m sure you wonder, wondered what’s in a wonderball!? These things were awesome because not only were they chocolate, but they had toys, candy and other surprises inside.


7. Fanny Packs

In today’s world where everyone has to carry around their wallet, their keys and their cell phone at all times, wouldn’t it be nice to have somewhere to put all of that stuff? They’re more stylish than you might remember.fanny pack


8. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

When you’re talking about rebooting popular 90s sitcoms, it’s hard not to think of “Fresh Prince.” Will Smith’s crazy antics and the “Carlton” are enough reason to want a reboot!

fresh prince

9. “Space Jam”

This one is actually happening, guys! This is not a drill! Warner Bros. has already filed the trademarks and made a deal with Lebron James to star in place of Michael Jordan. Welcome to the jam, Lebron.

space jam

10. Rachel Green’s Hair

You may have heard that the cast of Friends is getting back together for a reunion special. *SQUEEEE* The only thing that what would be better than that is a comeback for the many super-fly hairstyles of Rachel Green.


So what do you think? Do you think these are all in need of a comeback? I’m pretty stoked for “Fuller House,” too. If you ask me if I’ll be watching you should guess my response by now…



Jennifer Landis is a Jersey girl at heart and temper, but enjoys living life in Central PA. She drinks tea like it's going out of style because coffee makes her poop and she needs all the caffeine she can get to keep up with her toddler, puppy, and handsome husband. She loves writing, running, yoga, and peanut butter. You can check out her blog, Mindfulness Mama, or follow her on twitter @JenniferELandis.

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