When I check the stats for this website, I am able to the search terms used to refer people to Forever Twenty Somethings. I always get a kick out of some of the things people search – and the fact that these phrases led people to FTS.

As a Friday treat, I thought I would share some of the search terms with you guys. I hope this amuses you and makes you feel better about the weird sh*t you search for on Google…

kate middleton drunk – This search term referred people to the blog 245 times. No exaggeration.

how can i know if lover is gay

big eyes on popsicle stick from the 90 show on nickelodeon – umm, duh, that’s Stick Stickley

do you wear sunglasses just to look cool

make yourself look tanner in pictures

two stupid beavers – This is my favorite.

hook up with best friend while drunk

boyfriend little spoon – Guess I’m not the only one who has heard of this happening.

cousin skeeter dreads

starving my little pony – This is horrible. If this is referring to the show, those ponies didn’t starve. And if not, I hope someone is NOT trying to starve their little pony. WTF.

“he is way too into me” – Sure.

can you recognize someone if they have sunglasses on?

do wearing sunglasses makes us darker? – No Comment.


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