I know you’re all counting down to Sunday night when you’ll sit down to watch the Oscars Red Carpet and begin live tweeting the shit out of it with us, BUT if we’re being serious, no one looks forward to the red carpet as much as entertainment journalists. It is their Super Bowl. Their Election Night. Their 21st birthday party (or my 21st birthday party because everyone went HAM for that, at least I think they did, I actually don’t remember).

This comedy group absolutely nailed what a 10 hour pre-show to the pre-show (because the Red Carpet is just supposed to be a pre-show) would be like. But, like, we’re probably not too far from this actually becoming real…

Side note: Check out their live ticker at the bottom of the screen. #NailedIt

Bean Bin is a sketch comedy group based in NYC. They post new videos every Monday on their YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/wearebeanbin. Check them out for more hilarious videos like this one!


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