News broke on Friday that Disney was in talks for a Boy Meets World spin-off including Cory and Topanga with their now pre-teen daughter learning life’s lessons.  Like many of you I rejoiced at the news.  I spend my mornings watching Corey and Topanga on ABC Family while getting ready for work, die hard fan is an understatement.  But now, a few days later letting the news sink in….I’m starting to wonder if this reboot will be a complete bust or absolutely make my life complete (is that sad?)

1.) The Cast

If Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel sign on to reprise their roles as the ever so cute Corey and Topanga…will that be enough?  Fans of the show are not only going to demand the central couple but all their supportive friends, you need them all…well, maybe not Rachel…I could do without the ginger.

2.) How Old Is Mr. Feeney?

FEEEEENNNAYYYYY!!!  If the Matthews’ girl is back at her father’s old stomping grounds at John Adams…she’s going to need some guidance and “fortune cookie” knowledge…and it should come from Feeny but…how old is Mr. Feeney?  By now, he should be retired, no he HAS to be retired.  Will the Matthews’ daughter bring Feeney out from the retirement?  Will Mr. Turner take over instead or is he dead from another motorcycle accident?

3.) Wait, I’m Kinda Old

My TGIF days are very much behind me.  The Friday nights I spent zoned to the tv after a grueling week of multiplication tables and fractions have now been replaced with bottles of wine and bar hopping.  And as much as I hate to admit it to myself, I’m getting old…well, maybe not old but older.  I’m starting to watch legit things like “Homeland” and “Games of Thrones” hell, I’ve even watched “Real Time With Bill Maher” during the election— aka I’m growing up and watching shows that actually require me to think and have some brainpower.  Am I able to ditch my TGIF days?  I’d like to say “yes, I am a twenty-five year old who loved her childhood shows but craves a more mature pallet in my tv” but in reality, “I’m the twenty-five year old who is watching “Full House” reruns on Nick at Nite.”  I guess I’m not fooling anyone.

4.) Ruining the Original

Sex and the City 2.  That’s all I gotta say, ladies back me up here.  I paid my twenty bucks to see that movie and I walked out wanting to erase my memory of the last two hours.  It completely ruined the series and the first movie.  I would be heartbroken if “Girl Meets World” actually got on air and completely butchered everything the original stood for.  If Eric really did turn into Plays With Squirrels and Shawn became the abusive alcoholic friend that lives in a trailer park.  Break my heart, I couldn’t handle it.

5.) ABC Family—Where You At?

This reboot is right now in talks with the Disney Channel which would be good if Disney was still pumping out shows like “Lizzie McGuire” and “Even Stevens,” butttttt…it’s not.  Disney would need to step up their game for “Girl Meets World” or in a perfect world ABC Family would come in and save the day.  Monday nights before “Separated at Birth,” a little quality time with our favorite quirky characters, I love it!  “Girl Meets World” needs to be like the new version of “7th Heaven” when it was on the WB, remember that? …omg, you guys let’s reboot that too!!

What do you think 20-somethings? Will ‘Girl Meets World’ be a hit or a miss?


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