After a tear-jerker episode last week, our focus shifts (briefly) to Hannah’s professional life and Elijah’s feeling insecure about his and Dill’s budding (maybe?) relationship. Also, Jessa and Adam are still talking about telling other people about their relationship. And Marnie is still extremely self-involved… and also in the process of getting divorced.


1. Going to your friend’s ‘art thing’ will usually end up being boring.

Keyword: usually. The exception would be if you’re in a fight with your boyfriend, your friend is trying to divorce her husband, and you ex-boyfriend is starring in the play. That, my friends, has the makings for one interesting night.


2. Dating a successful person can have its perks.


Successful people usually have their shit together, and when it comes to relationships, they know when to take charge. Dill isn’t just wealthy — he’s mature with sophisticated tastes, well-traveled, and worldly. He’s successful.


3. But dating a successful person can also have some major drawbacks.

When Elijah realizes that perhaps his new relationship isn’t an exclusive relationship, he’s understandably distraught. This relationship is the first thing that we’ve seen Elijah get serious about, so it’s extra devastating to see him hurt by the fact that he might not be the only person in Dill’s life. Knowing Elijah, he likely had some fabulous fantasy future playing out in his head.




4. Sometimes opposites do attract. Other times, they just create really dysfunctional relationships.


I’m so sick of Fran and Hannah fighting. What went wrong? Do they ever get along? Even though she exasperated him last season, I thought perhaps he found that a little bit endearing. Now, it’s beyond cutesy bickering and bordering on dysfunctional and unhealthy. There has been no sign that the two still love each other – at all.


5. Doing any creative project with your soon-to-be ex sounds like a horrible idea.


Desi barges in on Adam’s play to tell Marnie that a big shot wants to put their song on a TV show. They both agree that they need to tour the hell out of their song. However, Marnie still wants a divorce. Desi — not so much.  After all, the musicians-in-a-relationship was their whole shtick in the beginning. Now that they’re finally finding some hard-earned success, will they sacrifice personal happiness to have professional happiness instead?


6. I know it seems like pulling a Sharon Stone on your boss is good idea, but it definitely, definitely isn’t.


Hannah has basically been acting out and garnering complaints that she gossips behind the other teachers’ backs to their students. Bottom line? Hannah has not grown up. She then hit a new low by flashing her vagina to her boss as a means of getting out of trouble.

This starts a huge fight between Hannah and Fran where he questions her maturity. Though she attempts to break up with Fran, they still go home together. Personally, I think she’s trying to push him away.

Like Marnie said, it’s not a big fight that ruins a relationship, but a lot of small moments. Unfortunately, Hannah and Fran have a lot of small and big moments.


7. Waiting this long to tell your best friend that you’re dating her ex-boyfriend and are totally in love with him is pretty awful.

Letting Hannah stumble upon the relationship that is Jessa and Adam on her own, and then not even acknowledge it when she catches you two leaving together, is so, so awful. Adam wasn’t just an ex, he was one of the great loves of Hannah’s life. I think there was always a part of Hannah that felt like Adam would always be there, especially after he re-proclaimed his love to her at the end of last season. Last night, she learned that’s not true. For two people who have stressed so much about telling Hannah, they definitely didn’t handle the moment well. And chances are, they won’t be friends ever again (if, of course, this part of the show ends up being realistic, because in real life, that would never be okay).


We’re officially at the end of the season with only three episodes left. Let’s see where we end up with as we prepare ourselves for the next and final season. Will anyone find happiness?


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