“Just remember, when you have sex with someone, you’re also having sex with everyone they’ve had sex with… and everyone has a random.” -Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holiday on Glee.

So tonight’s Glee was pretty racy. And of course my 11 year old brother and all of his friends were home watching this, despite the failed attempt at the parental advisory and TV14 rating shown before the show aired. I loved the episode, but the plot of the season is going NO WHERE. Please, something big happen next episode. I’m BORED.

Here’s my two favorite songs from tonight’s episode:

First is “Landslide.” Even though it wasn’t the Fleetwood Mac version, and instead The Dixie Chicks version, I still thought it was beautiful…  I do HATE country, but I give it props.


Second is “Kiss.” I was SO excited for Glee to do Prince… Even though I wish they did “When Doves Cry,” it was still great. Very sexy.


P.S. I am so team Will & Holly (I can’t stand Emma). I hope you are too!


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