There’s no shame in being excited for the (bogus) bloodiest time of the year, even in our twenties. We can all agree that the most awaited holiday – aside from Christmas, is Halloween.

Unless you don’t mind the last minute October rush for costumes and home décor, it’s never too early to start prepping for the 31st. Forget about tacky cardboard cut outs, generic ghosts a.k.a. blanket lumps and cheesy masks hung on walls.

Bring out your inner psycho, serial-killer, maniac or comic with these unique goodies that are sure to guarantee your Halloween outfit and bash will be among the coolest and spookiest on the block.


1. Turn your entry way into a zombie infested lab.

Even if the party hasn’t started yet, fans of The Walking Dead will be so eager to walk-in with this door furnishing welcoming them.



2. I know, I know, bloody detached body parts are so cliché. But it’s pretty much become a Halloween staple no matter how tacky it looks. You might as well buy a severed head that looks more genuine.



3. Don’t feel like rearranging spooky ornaments around? Set a mood or theme for your room with a temporary blood-spattered wall paper. After the event, all you have to do is pull it off the wall. Easy peasy.



4. Glow-in-the-dark props are perfect for ensuring safety by providing is adequate, yet creepy, lighting at events held in darker venues such as clubs and mysterious locations.

Feel free to glo’ up any furniture or accessory you want to bring attention to.



5. Mask templates from Wintercroft are the perfect combination of geometry and minimalism.

Elephant, dragon, skulls, rhino and dinosaurs are just a few of their designs. They even offer ready-made template from dragon claws. For under $20, those who prefer a no-fuss costume are sure to appreciate these easy-to-assemble disguises.



6. Those less gifted in the makeup category can say goodbye to bland goth jewelry and chokers to add to your morose costume. VonErickson makes creepy jewelry that resembles blood drips, gashes and stitches.



7. It’s Halloween, so the creepier the better, right? Although coffin couches can totally be DIYed if you had the guts to visit funeral homes, these are actually sold unused due to slight defects.

There’s no need to worry about upsetting any souls.


8. If you’re part of the minority that takes advantage of Halloween to showcase your ‘wacky’ side, then this “carry-me-around” costume is for you.



Peeled grapes as “eyeballs” and spaghetti worms are way overused. If you consider yourself an expert in the kitchen, you can totally set aside time to bake a wonderfully horrific cake as your party’s centerpiece. Don’t forget to play creepy music or a classic horror movie in the background, too.

You don’t necessarily need to spend so much on Halloween props if you don’t plan on going all out. If you want to be practical, Pinterest offers plenty of DIY tutorials, trinkets and accessories that you can totally make yourself.

You can also just channel a classic of favorite character and hope somebody gets the reference. Give them a well-deserved high-five if they do! What’s even more fun? Finding your character’s “other half” at the party.

Scram, you only have a month left, people!


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