In what may seem like a cruel twist of fate I’m writing this article in the exact same place I wrote my previous “post college” one for FTS…my parent’s house.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen I’m still at home a whopping three years after graduating with a B.A. and not working in my field of study.

Before you start crying for me, (I’ve been there done that- its not attractive and very counterproductive) I’ll just tell you- I’m not livid about my life right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be in my own apartment or house, working full time at a fabulous job that I adore. I WOULD LOVE IT!! But just because I’m not there yet doesn’t mean that I won’t be there soon or that I’ve given up on life.

We’re so programmed to believe that if we follow the rules and get good grades, things will fall in our laps like they always have. I worked hard in college to get my good grades and have an active social life. (It’s not easy being a full time sorority woman and a full time student let me tell you.) But I still knew what I needed to do to get my diploma in the end. Unfortunately life is not like the college bubble I got so used to.

I had to get a minimum wage job after graduation, and when that didn’t work out I had to get another…and another. I’m now an expert on all things job site related because when I’m not busy ringing up your purchases at the mall I’m here online, applying for jobs.

That’s the part that I AM livid about. After going on dozens of interviews with little to no good results I started getting downright depressed. How am I supposed to move to a better location for jobs without the money? How do I get the money without a job? 3-5 years of experience for an entry level job? What kind of craziness is that?!

Yeah…I went down the rabbit hole of self pity for awhile. Luckily for me I did end up finding a seasonal job that liked me enough to keep me on as part time. I got to know my co workers and decided to just make the best of it because hey, a job is a job.

While I save my money and continue my job search I also decided to do something for me and auditioned for a community theater last January. Over the past year I’ve been involved in three shows (hopefully this summer will make four!) and got to get back to something I’ve always loved. It might not be getting me closer to being able to pay rent, but I’ve met great new friends and gotten a little break fro my job search purgatory. It’s been fantastic.

I can now look at my life and say I almost have it all. Good family, good friends old and new, and a renewed energy to get after the job and life I want.

So, the moral of the story boys and girls is this: Life is anything but predictable. Enjoy it!

I hope anyone reading this has or will soon get their dream job. I hope I get mine soon! But I now know that if you’re in a less than ideal situation after you graduate you’re not only not alone, but you’re OK.

Get a job- any job- and work hard at it. Have your goals in mind and don’t lose sight of them- they’ll get you through the days you think you can’t fold another pair of jeans or deal with another rude customer.

Do something for you. Take a work out class, get involved in networking, actually make those Pinterest crafts, audition for a show. It’s so easy to stress life away. Just have fun…we’re young and it’s what we’re good at!

Last but not least be patient. I truly believe that if you’re passionate about your goals and you’re realistic with yourself about what it will take to get you there you will get there.


Lisl Knizner is a 2011 graduate of Grand Valley State University where she earned a B. A. in Advertising and Public Relations . When she isn’t hunting for a fantastic full time job, she enjoys writing, celebrity trivia, and singing the occasional show tune. You can follow her on Twitter at @LMKnizner.

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