As lame as this sounds, I’m a stationery geek. I always loved going school supply shopping as a kid. It was my favorite part of the year. Absolutely nothing was better than opening up to the first page of a notebook and starting fresh. My bookshelf is lined with journals and diaries, each different and written in with colorful pens and markers. Similarly, when I began working in an office, I went all out as well. But now that there is so much variety in terms of stationery, and I’m willing to treat myself and splurge a bit on things I love, I decided to look for the cutest stuff I could find.

For those like me, here are eleven places to shop for stationery to leave you standing out among the crowd.



I was introduced to sometime last year when I was looking for a planner. I wanted something stylish but affordable. Not only does its perfect planners improve people’s lives, but it also sell tons of other cute stuff, such as notebooks, pens, other agenda and stationery accessories, and drinkware to carry your morning hot/cold coffee in. My desk currently is stacked with products, and I’m not even embarrassed.

Price Range: $$
Sold in Retail Stores? Yes!


2. Mochi Things

I haven’t gotten anything from this site yet, but I will in the future. It’s got everything from backpacks and study planners to stationery, organizers and writing utensils. It’s not the cheapest site out there, but it’s currently having a back-to-school sale!

Price range: $$
Sold in Retail Stores? No!


3. Poketo

This is another site I cannot wait to try. It’s got minimalist style supplies, along with some other products. If you’re into simple things, while also wanting to maintain a fun, flirty vibe, this shop is definitely for you. I’m sort of dying over the pens. They’re so cute!

Price range: $
Sold in Retail Stores? Yes, but only in California!


4. Paper Source

I walked about eleven blocks the other day after work to go to my nearest Paper Source store, and I felt like I walked into heaven. Angels were singing “Hallelujah” around me with horns, trumpets and all that jazz. This place is every stationery hoarder’s wet dream. The store’s got every brand imaginable and even carries a few of its own original products, which I bought and love! Paper Source is currently having a pre-Labor Day sale, so jump on it (make sure to check the back to school section)!

Price range: $$
Sold in Retail Stores? Yes!


5. Papyrus

Papyrus is not all about stationery. They’ve got greeting cards, gifts, books, trinkets, etc. It’s an all around store, and even carries some name brand items including Kate Spade. If you want to splurge a little extra, this is the store for you. Every time I walk in there, I want to buy at least ten things.

Price Range: $$$
Sold in Retail Stores? Yes!


6. Lisa Frank

These bright, colorful beauties are back! Lisa Frank is making all new stationery, bringing the classic oldies back and launching a line of coloring books (which are super good to have as stress relievers). Since the millennials are all about throwback and nostalgia, these items are the perfect way to feel young again.

Price Range: $
Sold in Retail Stores? Unsure, but with a Google search, they’re available in a ton of places!


7. Stabilo

Pens and highlighters galore. These are super effective and easy to write with! Amazon has packs for super cheap as opposed to store prices.

Price Range: $
Sold in Retail Stores? Yes!


8. Muji

This isn’t primarily a stationery store — in fact, I think Muji only has pens, but it’s pens are highly recommended by everyone. That’s because they’re erasable (magic!). Muji is currently having a sale if you sign up. Act quick! Packs are also sold on Amazon.

Price Range: $
Sold in Retail Stores? Yes!


9. Rifle Paper Co.

This company sells the most classy, aesthetically pleasing products ever. It has planners, notebooks, journals, writing utensils, etc. I’ve gotten notepads and pencils from the brand, and while it’s a bit pricey, the quality is great!

Price Range: $$
Sold in Retail Stores? Yes!


10. Zebra Midliners

These highlighters come in such cute colors, and they’re also super easy to use depending on how thick or thin you want to highlight your notes. You can also find them in packs on Amazon. I’m waiting for mine to ship!

Price Range: $
Sold in Retail Stores? Possibly! Will take some searching on Google, though.


11. Kikki K

This stationery shop has minimalist style products in all pastel colors, which I absolutely love. They’re pleasing to the eye and super effective. I haven’t gotten anything from Kikki K yet, but I do plan to!

Price Range: $$
Sold in Retail Stores? Yes, but not in the US!

Last, but not least, I checked out several of these printables posts on Tumblr. They’re free, cute PDF/Image files that people created to help people get their shit together. Whether you use them for work or just to plan your day to day activities, they’ll surely help you stay organized – and help you look cute while doing so.


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  1. I’m just like you in that I’m a stationary/office supply fiend. I remember walking into a Muji store in California and being overwhelmed with the choices. I’m going to have to look through (and obsess over) all of these websites now. Thanks for sharing!

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