Oh the 90’s.  Big hair, chokers, pleather, so many fashion and make up mishaps to name and to have fun with this Halloween.  If you find yourself in a bind for Halloween and are obsessed with a simpler time (like me)—then break out the white eye liner and body glitter with these!

Miss Frizzle “Magic School Bus”

Simple purple dress.  Felt cut outs that you can either safety pin or sew on.  Grab a miniature bus.  Curled fun bun. Enjoy.

Cynthia “Rugrats”

Cynthia and Miley comparison — spot on.  This costume rocks just because you can put your bitch face on for no reason.


Spinelli “Recess”

Spinelli’s outfit would actually work in everyday life minus the pigtails.

Josie Grossie “Never Been Kissed”

Two options here:  a great pant suit OR an excuse to wear all white after Labor Day – and to spill on yourself.  Take your pick!


Bedazzled jackets and floppy hats with flowers.

Lindsay Weir “Freaks and Geeks”

So easy.  Green army jacket and bell bottoms.

Gwen Stefani

A wig.  Fake braces if you’re feeling ballsy.  Face jewels.  A tank top or bikini top for whatever look you are feeling.


Coming off the VH1 movie buzz– get some silk pajamas.  Nothing would be more comfortable at a party.

Carmen Sandiego

Cady Heron

Grab those old Abercrombie skirts we all HAD TO HAVE and make it SO FETCH or wear a letterman jacket and a tiara. Just go easy on the partying — don’t want to LITERALLY end up like LiLo.

Kim Possible 


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