What a great day! April Fools Day… Red Sox Opening Day… Could it get any better? PROBABLY. With snow covering the ground, my car, and all the trees, YES it probably could get better. I’m talking sunshine, high temps, warmth, TANS… I know its not summer yet, but its APRIL. We do not need snow in April. I know I have a ways to go until I can tan at the beach, but lets at least see some SUN and 50-60 degree temps. Let me wear a blazer with no jacket & actually WANT to wake up in the morning! That’s all I ask for.


Hi I’m Sam. I made this website in 2011 and it’s still here! I'm the author of the humorous self-help book AVERAGE IS THE NEW AWESOME. I like pizza, French fries, barre, spin, more pizza, more French fries, and buying clothes. Follow me on twitter & Instagram at @samanthamatt1... and on this site's meme account on IG at @averagepeopleproblems. OKAY GREAT THANKS BYE.

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