Like most of you, I was having a very average Thursday (aimlessly waiting for the work day to end, dreading the gym but going anyway, and getting super excited to watch the season finale of Jersey Shore tonight). I hadn’t seen or heard anything interesting all day, until I saw this…

K-Town. You’re probably thinking, “this isn’t real…” Well guess what – It is. People are seriously shooting this. No clue if this show will actually be picked up and HOW it would be. It is pretty much the Asian Jersey Shore… but with shows like “Toddlers and Tiaras” being renewed for multiple seasons – anything is possible.

K-Town is apparently “Korea Town” in LA… AKA those Asians who are really skinny, only wear designer clothes & accesories, and only talk & hang out with eachother. Like Guidos, Americans seems to be fascinated with anyone who is different than them, so we might have a hit here. You decide.



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