You look tired.

There may be people out there who find comfort in hearing this phrase from another human. When they hear it, maybe they think, “You know what? I am tired. Thank you for noticing. Wow, there are empathetic people in this world!”

I am not one of those people. I’m on the other side – I’m the type who gets weirdly offended when I’m told this.

And to be fair to you, if you’re talking to me at any point in the day while I’m awake then chances are, I actually am very tired. But I don’t want to look like it! I’ve actually invested a lot of money into looking completely different than how I feel (I’m laughing at how much that sentence sounds like a cry for help).

But what I mean is, yes. I am very tired. Most people don’t have the type of schedule where a full night’s sleep is doable every single night. That’s why I own concealer.

Plus I’ve never understood the point in telling another person they look tired. The risk just seems to really outweigh the benefit.

Best case scenario, you accurately called out a person for not getting enough sleep. Congrats.

In every other scenario, a person was just enjoying their day and you just told them they look like garbage.


So anyway, here’s a list of things I feel are synonymous with “you look tired:”

  • You aren’t wearing makeup today.
  • You have dark circles under your eyes.
  • I feel like you have something stressful happening in your life… it’s making you look awful.
  • I’m just now realizing how short your eyelashes are.
  • You have quite an unhealthy glow today.
  • You look bad and I thought you should know.

Here are some things I would honestly rather you tell me:

  • I heard that your boyfriend doesn’t like you.
  • That dress makes you look chubby and pale.
  •  Your house is on fire.
  • Your whole family has been kidnapped in an elaborate suburban heist.

Okay..maybe I’m getting a little dramatic here but the point still remains: I don’t need to be told I look tired.

I am never ever going to respond with “Oh wow…thank you!”.

I’ll probably just go cry because your unnecessary comment just convinced me I look like this:


I hope you’re happy.


We're two friends from the East Coast of Canada - Shay and Gavin. Recently, our careers and personal life choices have brought us to opposite sides of the country. In a desperate attempt to constantly keep in touch, we've decided to become writing partners; half in an attempt to make each other laugh, but also to relate to others our age. Shay graduated from McGill in 2012 with a degree in Psychology. Her hobbies include: drinking beer, frolicking in nature, and trying to tame her jaguar-sized cat. Find her on Instagram: shenyseforest Gavin graduated from Dalhousie in 2013 with a degree in Health Promotion. Her hobbies include painting, music and laughing at nonsense. Find her on Instagram: gavinimagined To read more, visit our personal blog!

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  1. Haha, I love this! And, I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been told this in college after sleepless nights along with some of the synonyms. It’s absolutely a pain. My favorite was “I didn’t know you usually wore makeup” to which I awkwardly explained, “I don’t, I just look really tired right now.”

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