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I want to thank you for giving me everything I ever wanted. A love that consumed me. Adventure. Passion. There’s nothing more that I could have asked for…except for it to last forever. – Elena Gilbert

Can you believe that it has been eight years since The Vampire Diaries first premiered on the CW? It feels as though it was a lifetime ago. On September 10, 2009, viewers were finally able to put faces to their favorite characters they’d been reading about in the books by L.J. Smith. The only issue it seemed was that Elena Gilbert, known originally for her long blonde hair in the books, was not cast as a blonde in the TV series. However, viewers quickly fell in love with the beautiful brunette version of Elena Gilbert, played by the stunning and lovely Nina Dobrev.

Viewers also came to fall in love with the dark and deadly Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon. Turned in 1864 by the villainous and captivating Katherine Pierce (aka Katerina Petrova), Stefan and Damon became polar opposites. Stefan gave in to the thirst and the need to kill, eventually becoming the infamous “Ripper.” Damon was more subtle. If he didn’t erase the memory, he killed instead and made it appear as though the person simply just disappeared.

There were other characters throughout the show that viewers came to know and love, such as The Originals themselves, Elijah, Klause, Rebekah, and Cole. The best friends, Caroline and Bonnie. The evil and despicable yet you still rooted for her redemption anyway, Katherine Pierce. Matt “Matty Blue Eyes” Donovan. Vampire hunter Alaric Saltzman and so many more!

Team Klaroline, Team Bamon, Team Delena, Team Stelena…so many viewers began voicing their opinions for their favorite relationships, creating hashtags all over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Millions flocked to the stores to start reading the actual series by LJ Smith. Fans came out in droves to attend Comic Con and see their favorite stars. The Vampire Diaries developed a fandom, a connection with so many individuals of all ages.

When I found out that season eight was going to be the last season of The Vampire Diaries, I’ll admit that I felt a piece of my heart breaking just a bit. Maybe more than a bit, actually. But it shouldn’t have been all that surprising to the millions of viewers. Once you get rid of a main character, it’s hard to keep viewers. Elena is still there in Mystic Falls, waiting 60 years to be awakened by the death of her witchy BFF Bonnie.

In the last two seasons of The Vampire Diaries, it has been about the bond between brothers. It’s been Damon and Stefan, saving one another, fighting each other, but always there for one another. It’s been about Alaric, Bonnie, Matt, Caroline and Jeremy living up to the promises they made to Elena when they said goodbye. In the last two seasons, we’ve watched our characters grow and develop, forming new bonds while testing old ones.

The Vampire Diaries has spent the last eight years entertaining us week after week, month after month. The show has become like an old friend for so many. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, felt the heartbreak as each character lost themselves and the ones they love…so many emotions. And as with all old friends, it will be hard to say goodbye. But just like we’ll always have Vegas, we’ll always have the memories of The Vampire Diaries. And of course the late night binge marathons on Netflix.

What’s your favorite Vampire Diaries memory? What are you going to miss most about The Vampire Diaries? 


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