Scream Queens is my favorite new show this fall, and it’s no wonder why. With the snarky writing and hilarious – and witty – one liners, this comedy horror show is perfect to binge watch while you’re nursing that Halloween hangover. Here are 12 reasons EVERYONE should be watching Scream Queens.

1. Emma Roberts slays as Chanel Oberlin.


2. The supporting cast is fantastic.

Jamie Lee Curtis?!

3. The angsty, ironic jokes are almost never-ending.


5. There is an Ariana Grande appearance.

6. The fashion is #goals.


7. The stereotypes are too real.

8. The Dickie Dollar Scholars is an actual fraternity. BACKSTREET’S BACK!

9. It’s dripping with feminism.

10. Nick Jonas.

11. Makeovers.


12. Chanel Oberlin. Again.



Kim is a 20-something journalist living in Los Angeles, California. She is the founder of Twenty in LA, Career + Life Advice for the Millennial Woman.

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