I don’t know about you guys…but November is one of my favorite months. The weather is perfect, pumpkin latte mode is in full swing, Thanksgiving, we’re sooo close to Christmas…but ultimately November is my favorite because of No-Shave November. You’ve all heard of it. Where men don’t shave the entire month of November and grow out their facial hair? Well if you haven’t heard its freaking awesome and here is why:

1. Every guy looks better with a beard. I don’t care what you think. Literally every single guy looks better with facial hair. Maybe it’s because they look older or simply more manly—but goddamn something about a man with a beard gets me.


2. No prickly kisses. It’s the absolute worst when your guy hasn’t shaved in a few days and you get scratched by the stubble. With No-Shave November that’s not an issue. The only thing that will be touching your face is his beard…which is soft and awesome.

kiss beard

3. The Lumbersexual/Hipster look requires a beard. With beards come flannels, hipster glasses, well-tailored pants, beanies, etc. Not only will your man have a beard, he will dress well too, because it’s getting colder. It’s really a win/win, ladies.

basic fall dude
4. It’s another reason to spoil your bae. Interestingly enough, there’s a whole industry surrounding manscaping—especially involving beard care. There are balms, oils, soaps…you name it they have it. It will keep your man’s beard soft and smelling wonderful while also making him look hot AF. This particular beard oil by Proraso smells AMAZING and is only $18 at Sephora.

beard oil

5. It’s less work for your man. Shaving takes at least 10-15 minutes out of a man’s morning routine. I’m just saying…that 10-15 minutes could be used for other things…if you catch my drift.

snuggling gif

6. It’s for a great cause. No-Shave November was originally created to raise money and awareness to men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer. Your man will look good AND be supporting a good cause if he participates this November. That is most definitely something to “Cheers” to!

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