So last night you went out. It was a weeknight, but you said ‘fuck it’ and got another drink instead of an Uber home, and that drink became your gateway to wasted-ville. When you finally got home, you *hopefully* drank some water and ate a snack before somehow putting yourself to bed, maybe or maybe not remembering to set your alarm for the crack of dawn the next morning.

Then, morning came. Maybe those twelve jägerbombs didn’t seem quite worth it once your dreaded alarm went off at 7:00am. But fear not! We are here with your hangover survival guide so you can get through that rough day at work even if you feel like you’re dyingggggg.


Drink water. Lots of water. And coffee.giphy

Every good-time girl knows it’s the #1 party foul to forget to drink water before you pass out. Drinking water throughout the day will ease off the hangover as your body is super dehydrated. It wouldn’t hurt to grab a cup of coffee either. It’ll give you that much-needed energy boost and make you look a little, well, less dead. Be sure to keep drinking it throughout the day too!


Put on makeup.


Unless you’re lucky enough to look good without cosmetics, a little bit of makeup can’t go awry if you’re aiming to look fresher. Even just a little mascara or a smudge of concealer under the eyes can make all the difference.


Eat foooooood!


For you waitresses, this is perfect. For you retail assistants, I’m sorry. Make sure you prepare a packed-lunch and keep it in the staff room and pop in and out every now and again to have a nibble. The combination of hunger and dehydration is never a good mix. We don’t want you fainting on the job!


Take some, or a lot of, toilet breaks.


Taking a toilet break doesn’t necceserily mean going to the toilet. Giving yourself a pit-stop every once in a while keeps your energy levels up and you get a short break away from the torture. The mirrors also provide for a pep talk with yourself. You got this!




Share your despair with your co-workers. Complaining about your ordeal may improve your mood slightly. Besides, who doesn’t love a good old fashioned moan and groan? Don’t let slip to your boss though. He/she definitely won’t find you crawling home 2 hours before the start of your shift amusing.


Keep on telling yourself, ‘there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!’


Keep thinking of the end of your shift. Think about how you’re going binge watch your favorite Netflix series, about how sweet climbing into your bed will feel… accompanied by a family size bag of potato chips and a bottle of wi– Wait, no. A bottle of water will do nicely.




Just keep smiling. Smile through the pain. Smile through the knotted stomach, the room spin, the ‘I’m literally going to die’ feeling. Smiling releases endorphins which will naturally make you feel better. Not to mention customers love a million-dollar grin.

You got this.

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