1999. It was the year we worried about Y2K. It was the year Prince (RIP) thought we were going to party hard. It was the year of No Scrubs, Genie in a Bottle, Livin’ La Vida Loca, I Want It That Way, and All Star. It was ALSO the year most of today’s high school seniors were born.

That. is. literally. the. world’s. scariest. fact. ever. 

The majority of today’s high school students did not live during the 1900s. They don’t remember Britney in her prime. They probably don’t even remember Britney when she was in her reverse prime. She’s just some old lady who was popular before they were born, that is now trying to make some sort of comeback. In other words, she is Madonna. Side note: Most of these kids weren’t even alive for Madonna’s COMEBACK in 2000, which is nuts. Like, do they even know that music makes the people come together – because that is a serious problem if not.

I think it’s safe to say – I’m getting old [grandma emoji here]. I remember a lot of stuff like it was yesterday (or a few years ago) that today’s high schoolers don’t remember at all. My youngest brother is 17 – and a high school junior. He was literally 8 years old when Justin Bieber started making music. Cue loud gasp from everyone reading this.

Want to gasp even more? Here are 16 things most of these teens weren’t even alive for.

1. When Bill Clinton got a blow job from Monica Lewinsky.



2. The last episode of Seinfeld.



3. Spice Girls lollipops.

These kids were not alive when the Spice Girls were in their prime. When they were born, Geri had already left. SHE WAS ALREADY GONE.



4. Titanic in theaters.

Which also means they were not alive when “My Heart Will Go On” was playing literally everywhere. In fact, these kids are younger than the majority of Celine Dion’s classic hits. HOWWWWWWWW.



5. When the iMac was first introduced.

These people don’t know a world without an iMac. Literally, this picture is not only the evolution of Macs, but it is also the evolution of today’s teenagers.



6. The release of “…Baby One More Time.”

Britney Spears got her start before most of these teens were hanging out in the womb.



7. The release of “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” And Nsync’s “Home For The Holidays” album that came after.

So, yeah, that means “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” is older than high school students, help. Just take a look at this picture from the 1998 AMAs:



8. With the exception of most of the senior class, Britney Spears’ and Nsync’s performance at the 1999 VMAs.



9. What life was without cell phones.

Or at least cell phones that were small and used by the general population.



10. What life was without Google.

Imagine having to figure out what something is without a search engine. Well, these kids would literally have to Google how to do that.



11. Furbies.

And not the comeback fury – the ORIGINAL Furby.



12. The last episode of ER.



13. Ellen Degenerous announcing that she’s gay – on television.



14. The premiere of Sex and the City.

I think we can all admit the pilot was weird. So very weird.



15. When Brandy and Monica fought over dat boi.

In other words, “The Boy Is Mine” would be on the oldies radio station if people who would consider it an ‘oldie’ still listened to the radio.



16. When the first Harry Potter book was released.

The Harry Potter craze started BEFORE THEY WERE BORN.



This list is just a start. If we want to focus on what today’s high school freshman – the college class of 2024, lol – weren’t alive for, we would be here all day


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  1. So many of these are inaccurate. Harry potter was ’97, Titanic was ’97, Furbies were ’98, the Clinton scandal was ’98, last episode of Seinfield was 98. I could go on…

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