You spend more time with them than your family. You start your day off and end your day with seeing them. You even hangout after 5 pm if you really like them. They are your co-workers. Unless you own your own company and work from your home office (or bed,) you probably have a few co-workers that you should probably buy a Christmas, I mean holiday gift for., Shows you care and you know them as a person outside the world of being a co-worker. Scoring brownie points with your boss and colleagues doesn’t hurt either.

The Co-Worker Who Likes to Organize Things


For the co-worker that has a love affair with any type of list, Post-It Notes and calendars and also likes to sport her trendy flair for a high-class, designer agenda check out this Kate Spade agenda ($36.) Or for the colleague that needs a little help to clear the clutter off of his or her desk and is always losing files, how about some stylish and practical desk organizers from the Container Store ($6.99- $17.99.)

The Co-Worker with FOMO


We all have one person that freaks at the fear that they are missing out on something – big or small. Let’s recognize those co-working friends with a funny yet useful FOMO coffee mug from ($12.99.) Since FOMO is now “real” word according to Urban Dictionary, be sure to get them the 2015 Urban Dictionary street slang ($14) so they can stay on top of and use the latest phrases and educate the office too.

The Co-Worker Who Loves a Good Drink…or Two

WINEWe all enjoy a good drink or two after a long day on the job. And we have all had that moment or shared one with a co-worker who has crossed the professional/drunk line one too many times. For the classiest of all beer drinkers check out this Rock Cut Beer Mug from Tiffany and Co. ($45) signature, Tiffany blue box and all.

For the wino that wants to pour one glass and not have to get up for the rest of the night this XL glass from DCI and sold on Amazon ($9.99) is any winos fantasy.

And for someone that enjoys a good bottle of liquor and fun home décor, Etsy has lots of options for liquor bottle lamps *($20-$70)


The Co-Worker Who is a Self-Proclaimed Chef


A magazine subscription to Food Network ($13) or bon appetite ($12) will be sure to tantalize any at-home chef’s palate and it is really a gift that keeps on giving each month. It won’t break the bank and you may even benefit from yummy goodies brought into the office.

The Co-Worker Everyone Pretty Much Hates

coworker you hate
Everyone including the recipient will probably get a good laugh out of these. They are cheap and hilarious gifts for everyone involved without being too much of a jerk to someone who works in the same office as you – only subtly insinuating that you may not like them.

Whether it is a client, significant other, kids or the random person that cut you off, there are certain people that just belong on the naughty list and for that there is the The Shit List Notepad ($7.) Depending on who gets The Wrongulator (about $7) gift it may take them to figure out why they can no longer add and multiply.  It will surely frustrate the hell out of an unsuspecting colleague (just make sure you take it out of the packaging and re-wrap it.)


Alex is twenty-four years young and still lives at home with the fam in South FL. She graduated in 2012 from Furman University (yes, she has a shirt with the initials F.U. that makes her feel a little badass) where she graduated Cum Laude in Communication Studies and played DI softball. She still wants to relive her college days of competition and now plays on a co-ed slowpitch team where she is the youngest player. When she’s not working on social media for clients (yes she gets paid to hangout on Facebook and tweet) you can find her at the gym, shopping on her iPad, playing with Maxi or binge watching Mad Men and Walking Dead or the Cooking Channel and attempting new recipes. Key word attempting. She would pick Dunkin Donuts’ coffee over Starbucks and is always early to everything by at least ten minutes. Follow her on Twitter @bmoney2790.

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