For some reason, there are some words out there that really bother me. I’m sure there are words that bother you too… and I’m sure they are different than the words that bother me… but I am going to share the following with you anyway:

1. Rom Com: If a movie or television show (or web series… or whatever) is referred to as a “rom com,” I will NOT watch it EVER. However, call it a romantic comedy and you might have my attention. “Rom com” might be the worst abbreviation ever created. Sure, it may be clever, but it is really just f*cking annoying. If I see one more commercial telling me that a new “rom com” is coming out this Friday, I might just throw my TV out the window (actually, no I won’t… but still). As a twenty something, I love abbreves – don’t get me wrong – but “rom com” has GOT to go.

2. Pu**y: And no I am not referring to the word putty… I am talking about the word with the two s’s. I would spell it out, but I try to keep my posts “family friendly” (for all the elders and children reading it obviously) – but even if I wasn’t and I swore in every sentence, I would never type out the entire word for you all to read… because, well, it’s gross. Maybe I have been so terribly turned off by the word after hearing gross young men repetitively utter the word as if it’s “sexy.” Well… Newsflash: It’s not. If you want to talk dirty, do not use that word. Do not even use this word in a non “dirty” way – for example: to describe someone who is afraid to do something (ie: “stop being such a pu**y”).  Umm, no one wants to be called a vagina – They are gross and aren’t really afraid of anything (I don’t think they have feelings?). If you want to talk about the female part down below, please use the proper term: vag… or make up your own.

3. Poop: It took me about five minutes to actually type out this word because I hate it THAT much. The activity that this word entails is fine. But using the actual word “poop” to describe the activity is actually disgusting and unnecessary. I would rather describe it as “sh*t,” but maybe that is just me. Actually, I would prefer to not describe it as anything because, well, it’s gross. Sure, everyone “poops” (except girls… duh), but there is no need to celebrate it. And when you call someone a “poop” or describe your feelings as “poop” because you are upset or having a “sh*tty” day, think about what the word “poop” actually means and maybe you won’t want to use it again. There are many other words to describe someone is boring – ex: “You are boring” and “You suck”… and tons of words to describe your horrible mood and/or lack of ability to get out of your bed – such as “I feel bad” and “I feel sh*tty.”

4. Panties: Who remembers the fantastic 80s movie, “Sixteen Candles?” In that movie, they used the word “panties” to describe this girl’s underwear. This always bothered me. WHY COULDN’T THEY JUST CALL IT UNDERWEAR INSTEAD OF “PANTIES”? Or call it a thong? Because, let’s be serious – no one wears big underwear aka “granny panties” anymore. It is 2011 and we (twenty somethings) pair the word panties with granny. We do not wear “panties.” We wear thongs. And other assorted cute pairs of underwear. There is no such thing as granny panties anymore – only thongs, booty shorts, and period underwear (aka underwear we wear while on our period… which is NOT the same thing as granny panties). Here’s a lesson to the guys: NEVER (ever) refer to our underwear as panties. This is not the 70s. It is not sexy. Call it a thong, underwear, or nothing at all.


The only time the word “panties” is okay with me is when Frank the Tank uses the word in Old School… “I found myself wondering what color her underpants might be. Her panties. Odds are they are probably basic white, cotton, underpants. But I sort of think well maybe they’re silk panties, maybe it’s a thong. Maybe it’s something really cool that I don’t even know about.” Frank was obv not a 20 something, so maybe he did think girls wore “panties.” Hmm…


What words do you hate, twenty somethings?


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