Author: NYC Housewife-In-Training

My mission in life is to find love; by love I really mean someone to procreate with to give my mother grandbabies before I turn into a forever thirty-something. As a housewife-in-training, I’m sure you assumed there’s no hubby or rascals. And you’re right! That’s the 10 year plan.

In order to meet the 10 year plan deadline I need a man. Pronto. It’s kind of an integral part. If I’m going to transplant myself back to 1953, I definitely need a well-groomed, handsome man who prefers a tie to a graphic t. My father has taken this mission into his own hands by pimping me out. Let me explain…

My father is an eye doctor in NJ near the town I was raised. As he’s grown older, so has his patient base, which means everyone entering the office may have a son whom is perfect for his favorite daughter. Patient visits are no longer about eye care and vision; it’s about finding a son-in-law. A lovely patient fell for this slapstick routine and gave my father her son’s number.

I truly believe that my father gives out my number in the hope of finding “the one” for me. This would make him the happiest man. Not because his favorite daughter found love, but because he was the matchmaker. He’s learned so much from Patti! If you don’t know who Patti is I suggest you watch more reality TV and brush up on your Bravolebrity trivia.

On Saturday I had a date with this NJB (nice Jewish boy). To prep for the date I went to the gym that morning to pump up the ol’ self-esteem, plucked my eyebrows, and removed the last of a sparkly manicure from 2 weeks ago. It’s always important to look prim and proper – at least in the beginning. Housewife-in-training tip #1.

I met NJB at a bar/lounge space in downtown NYC around 5pm. I idiotically suggested this time with the intention of happy hour, but contrary to popular belief, happy hour isn’t a daily occurrence in NYC. Only weekdays. Lesson learned. Anywho, the date was lovely. NJB was entertaining, funny, and had a full head of hair. Who could ask for more?

We’ll see if NJB calls or texts or Facebook chats me or emails me or gchats me or shows up at my doorstep this week.


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