Author: NYC Housewife-in-Training

It began on Thursday night when I ate four bowls of banana-nut Cherrios for dinner. Really I just wanted to finish the last of the skim and no one was home to stop me. Self-control is not my strong suit. Neither is math.

Anywho, my unhealthy eating streak continued to Friday evening with enough margaritas to clear out a Bunn Ultra-2 frozen drink machine and 2 orders of tortilla chips with guacamole. How can you have one without the other?

My BFF whom I was slurping mango, raspberry, pomegranate, jalapeño & strawberry margaritas with suggested we stop in at a dive bar in our neighborhood to catch part of the Ranger game.

As we were walking from one bar to another we passed Artichoke. Artichoke is a delish pizza shop that serves classic pies, but are known for their Artichoke pie that has spinach artichoke dip instead of marinara and is topped with Parmesan. This may not sound appealing, but perhaps you just can’t visualize the glossy (greasy) deliciousness. I assure you it is absolutely divine. If you don’t believe me, give me your address and it would be my pleasure to gift you an artichoke pie.

After the night’s eats, drinks, & entertainment ended, the next morning began with a bagel. Ah bagels, how I love thee. Perfect for remedying a hangover and boost of energy for the day’s sample sale. Not so perfect for the upcoming bikini season.

The weekend’s tour of eating has lead me to feel sluggish and not so cute. To get my tush back on track, I made a yummy, healthy lentil salad I found here: Making this salad definitely tested my knife skills, mainly because I couldn’t find the SlapChop, but it was worth the effort. My kitchen was a bit of a disaster at one point:

The super long ingredient list was mostly veggies and herbs, but the dressing called for pomegranate molasses. I could not find this ingredient! I’m sure Whole Foods carries this, but I had my Trader Joe’s bags with me, so I couldn’t walk into Whole Foods! That would be cheating! You can’t have your boyfriends know about one another – house-wife-training tip #2.

Below is a quick pic of the final salad. So yummy!

Now go eat some thing sweet because you deserve it!


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