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When dating in college you automatically have something in common with the pre-screened group of NJBs (or your preferred demographic); Since you go to the same school you can talk about where you live on campus, awful professors, or yesterday’s football game. It is hard to believe – but yes, dating in college can be easier because when dating post-grad you’re going to bars in a big city… not your college-town. Being surrounded by unfamiliar faces makes it daunting to narrow down the pool of suitors to find your beau. This crisis has been resolved by online dating.

Online dating can be awkward as it’s unfamiliar territory. You probably knew your freshman year roommate before you arrived at college better than you know BaseballGuy86 when you meet him for your first date. If you’re single in the city, surrounded by NJBs (I’m in NYC after all), you need a way to weed out the weak. Remove the dirt and find the gold. Of course in my mother’s eyes all NJBs are date-able and more importantly husband material – she was born in another era.

When choosing a site to join seems to appeal to a younger, post-grad demographic where as eHarmony caters to an older audience. Perhaps that’s just because of the commercials. Also, OkCupid appeals to a younger crowd… and creepy people, as it’s free to join. I know spending money when it’s not on a dress at the Anthropologie sale rack is difficult as a post-grad, but I would recommend joining a site that has a fee. Don’t be cheap if you don’t want your future boyfriend to be cheap. You can of course meet guys the old fashioned way and let destiny take its toll, but why wait for fate? It seems a bit more logical to take matters into your own hands… Screw fate and get online!

Creating a profile is easy  – just post a photo of yourself in tight, black bandage dress and claim your talent for cooking, love of travel and make a joke. If all else fails, lie. Remember the goal of this is to get the first date. By the fourth date you can come clean with your talent for ordering take-out, fear of flying and taste for sarcasm.


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