Oh good it’s Valentine’s Day again – but you’re single – so it’s just a normal Friday trying to get through the workday.

You try to focus but all your  co-workers keep getting special deliveries – which leads to this… 

Because this is the story of your life (for right now).

Everyone will ask what your plans are tonight – and while you have an internal debate to make something cool up…

You go with the truth.

After work you meet your other cynical and jaded girlfriends – who tell you having an Anti-Valentine’s date will make you feel better about being single.

It doesn’t.

“It’s like that movie Valentine’s Day.”

Except your version looks like this.

But fuck it, you can get excited about going out because it’s either that or going to bed at 9pm which you do every other Friday night.

Obvi you want to out to eat because food is your best friend at this point.

But at the restaurant you are surrounded by couples – and are paranoid everyone’s looking at you.

After dinner you want nothing more than to be in a relationship with your sweatpants and never leave the house again.

Upon getting back to your place – your friend suggest you watch “The Notebook” and have a good cry which leads to this…

By the end you have killed two bottles of wine…all by yourself.

Your friend either judges you or celebrates this moment with you

And you are feeling good about being single.

Because you are young, beautiful, and fabulous and don’t need a boyfriend to make your life messier than it already is.

 In conclusion…



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