Everyone who has attended college has heard of the “freshman 15”…but have they also heard of the “Real World 15”?

The Real World 15 is the weight that is gained AFTER you graduate from college.  You no longer have the semi-healthy food options that your cafeteria or food court offers.  You do not have the free gym membership to your campus recreational facilities, taking walks and jogs with your college buddies do not happen like they use to, and you spend most of your time working to pay your bills and your student loans.  With you grabbing fast food to help you survive, working 40+ hours a weeks, and spending most of your free time on the coach or in bed, these is no doubt why so many college grads gain weight after graduation!

There are ways to incorporate health and fitness into your new busy lifestyle! This will help you keep off the weight and it could also help you release some stress from your new post-undergad lifestyle.

  1. WATCH WHAT YOU EAT! Yes it may be easy to grab a burger and some fries between jobs or if you are tired after work.  This is the main reason you gain weight! Eating whatever you want…whenever you want! If you are mindful of the things you are putting into your body it will allow you to make better healthier options at meal time.  Try to stick to baked items…not fried! If you order a salad, get the salad dressing on the side. Also, try to stick to the oil based or vinegar based salad dressings.  Try to incorporate more fruits and vegetable into your menu. Think smarter when it comes to meals.  As you get older your metabolism will start to slow down.  So you will have to be more aware of your food choices
  2. Schedule workout time: Even if it is late at night, early mornings, or on the weekends with some friends.  Any time you can schedule a good workout session is great.  I know that some people have hectic work schedules.  That is ok! If one week you work out Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and the next week you work out Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday…that is OK! At least you are scheduling time to get some physical activity.  Just like you make plans to go out with your friends, you should also make plans to workout.  Make working out a priority and an important part of your work week.
  3. No Gym? No Problem! Try to work out outside! There is always a park or area you can walk or run around.  Try making space at home to work out! All you need is space to do some push-ups, sit ups, and other exercises.  Look at your employer and see if they have a fitness facility for you to work out at? Also, some apartment complexes have workout facilities or offer gym memberships to local gyms for free or a discounted rate! Make sure to look at all of your resources so you can find a place to work out.
  4. Put your priorities in check: If its Friday night and you want to go out with your friends to unwind, try to squeeze in a quick workout session before you meet up with everyone.  In order to see the health and fitness results you want you have to make health and fitness a priority in your life!
  5. Look into local clubs and sports teams you can be a part of! There are bowling, softball, basketball, volleyball, golf, flag football, baseball, and even kickball teams in most major areas! Some companies even sponsor these kinds of intermural sporting events! Getting involved will allow you to get your exercise and it will give you the chance to meet other people as well!

There are tons of other things that can be done to help you keep down your weight when entering “the real world” after graduation.  You just have to make sure you make health and fitness a priority!  Being healthy and fit NOW is a lot better than trying to get back into being healthy 10…15…or even 20 years from now.  So start now! And commit to be fit!

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