This past weekend, I celebrated my 23rd birthday. And despite the horrendous game the New England Red Sox – I mean Patriots – played on Sunday and my “worst hangover ever” experience, it was an awesome weekend.

After turning 21, birthdays are not really that exciting anymore. We have totally reached our peak – and now every year we are getting one step closer to marriage, babies, old age, etc… Make it stop. This is why a birthday should be so intensely celebrated by you, your friends, and your friends’ friends that you feel younger than you actually are. Party like you’re in college? Sure. Party like you’re in high school? Definitely.

I’ve had my fair share of birthdays and each celebration has been typical. If you go overboard, you will most likely be dissapointed with the outcome. If you do the same thing you do every weekend, you will be bored and it won’t even feel like it’s your birthday. But if you plan it just right, you will have an exceptional weekend. Here are some ways to ensure that you have the BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER.

  • Go out both nights. Staying in is depressing and no one wants to start a birthday weekend off in a deep depression. Also, if you plan events for two nights, you will be able to celebrate with more people – since not everyone will be around both nights.
  • Pick a bar/club/restaurant you’ve never been to – but have heard great things about … OR somewhere you rarely ever go, but have had tons of fun there. For example, in Boston there is this place called Maluken in Kenmore Square – They have sake bombs and karaoke and it is absolutely hilarious. How can you NOT have the best time ever when asian sounding instrumental versions of classic songs are blasting and the videos associated with the songs look like this:


Hmm, this doesn't look BSB's original music video that I saw on TRL a thousand times...


  • If you are going out both nights, do NOT get so wasted on Friday that you will not be able to go out on Saturday. AKA no tequila shots.
  • Go out for an early dinner with friends on Saturday. Fridays are never a good day to go out to dinner because by the time you’re out of work, you’re hungry and will be rushed to get ready to go out. Sundays are even worse, because no one ever wants to get together on Sunday… especially when you are experiencing the worst hangover ever.
  • Invite friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends to the bar. The more people you know at the bar, the better. Then you will, like, own it.
  • Have college friends come. There is nothing like college reunions – and the best excuse for them (other than alumni weekend and/or a big football game) is someone’s birthday!
  • Make sure to get transportation from the pregame to the bar for all your guests. If you’re from Boston, just call “The Party Bus.” Read about how he came to fame here. A year and 2 months later, the guy hired his younger cousin or someone to drive us around (with his headphones on the whole time) and made business cards…

Happy raging, twenty somethings!


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