Throwing a Super Bowl party can be tons of fun, but it also takes work and planning. No matter which team you’re rooting for, follow these 10 tips to throwing the ultimate Super Bowl party —and leave your guests wanting overtime!

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1. Send invites.

To host any type of party, you need a headcount, and a Super Bowl party is no different. Send out invites via Facebook, email or snail mail, and ask for an RSVP so you can plan appropriately.

This will let you know how much food and drinks — as well as space — you’ll need for all of your guests to have an enjoyable time. It will also tell you if any kids will be joining the party — it might even give you clues as to which team most of your guests will be rooting for.

2. Prepare ahead of time.

Taking the time to do as much prepping, decorating, and cooking as possible in the days leading up to the event will allow you to be a guest at your own party.

A day or two before the party, get your house cleaned and organized so it will be easy to decorate. Do any cooking you can the night before.

On the day of the party, leave the cleaning until after everyone leaves, or even wait until the next day. You worked hard for everyone to have a great time. Be sure you enjoy it, too, and don’t spend all four quarters in the kitchen.

3. Make as much viewing space as possible.

Obviously, the main event will be the football game. Set up any furniture, extra fold-out chairs and seating areas in a way so the maximum number of people can comfortably see the game. If your furniture is heavy, ask guests to help you move it back after the game is over to make clean-up a little easier.

4. Prepare for all ages/types of guests.

There will be people there who love football, but you will probably also have some who aren’t so into the game. Designate a room or area where non-football fans can sit, have a drink, and socialize. You may even want to have a deck of cards or some easy-to-play games available for their enjoyment.

There is also a good chance some of your guests will bring along their kids. Make an area kid-friendly by putting some foam footballs, coloring supplies and other safe toys in a child-proofed area. Parents will be able to relax and watch the game knowing their child is entertained and safe. You could even go the extra mile and hire a babysitter to watch all the kids and give parents extra peace of mind.

5. Decorate as much as possible.

Decorations will turn your home into a football fanatic’s game day escape. Make your guests feel like they’re at the game by putting up banners, decorating with the team colors, and using themed tablecloths. Try pinning yellow balloons to the wall in the shape of a goalpost or try some other DIY ideas to make your Super Bowl party unique and fun!

6. Plan a fun yet simple menu.

The menu for your Super Bowl party can be really simple. Most people just want a few appetizers, a hot dog or burger and some other easy finger food. If you don’t feel like cooking, ask your guests to bring along an appetizer or dessert and make it a potluck.

It’s always a good idea to set out some bowls of chips and other snack food to give guests something to munch on during the game. And don’t forget something for the kids! Simple pizza rolls or pigs in a blanket will have them loving your party as much as their parents are.

7. Serve a variety of beverages.

A lot of your guests will just want beer, so make sure you’re stocked up — or have them bring their own. Other beverage options to consider are sodas, lemonade, iced tea, wine and any other cocktails you want to serve.

Set up a beverage bar so people can get their own drinks, and then you won’t have to play bartender the whole time. It’s also a good idea to make sure everyone has a designated driver so they all make it home safely.

8. Place some bets.

Super Bowl pools are a great way to make the game even more exciting. Have all of your guests throw in a few bucks and do a simple squares betting pool. Or let your guests keep their money and buy a few cheap prizes for the winners instead. Either way, this will give your party a fun addition — and even those non-football fans can get in on the action!

9. Make the party a house-wide event.

If you are having a lot of guests over, it might be a good idea to set up multiple viewing rooms with more places to sit and watch the game. If it’s not going to be too chilly, you can even let guests wander outside to the deck or patio to get some air — or onto the lawn to throw a football around.

If your house allows, take the party outside and upwards onto the roof! Just make sure your roof is sturdy so it can handle the extra weight.

10. Make it an annual event.

After throwing a great party, tell your guests to come back next year. You’ll create the social event of the season by having Super Bowl parties every year.

Plus, you’ll have more friends than Tom Brady on the sidelines. Let the game begin!

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