Most of us girls are guilty of ‘photoshopping’ ourselves at least one time in our lives. You know – when we take a picture of ourselves, crop everyone else out, and put effects on it. We make ourselves look tan (aka we darken the picture). We make ourselves look retro (thank you Instagram). And sometimes we even make ourselves look skinny (this can be obvious when attempted, though).

Well guess what girls? We don’t need to completely rely on effects to make ourselves look like drop dead hotties in our prof pics. We can actually make ourselves look thinner while taking the picture itself. So how do we do this? Supermodel, Molly Sims, shared her secrets to looking good in photos on her blog.

Her 1st tip was to keep your head cocked down 3/4th of the way to get the most flattering angle of your face. I never knew this, but I will definitely be whipping out this move at the bar this weekend.

Her 2nd tip was to stand with your hip cocked in so that your body is at a slight angle. Apparently this takes 10 pounds off your mid-section. How was I not doing this before? …But seriously. I could have looked like her in pics… Oh wait, I eat.

Her 3rd tip is my personal favorite: Make sure the camera is shooting from above you. Have you ever asked a guy to take a picture of you and your friends while he’s sitting down on the couch in front of you? And when you saw the picture, did you wonder where that new found double chin came from? It came from the camera angle, duh. The higher a camera is, the better. So find the tallest guy at the club (or teach a friend how to properly take photos of you) to ensure that your best figure is captured.

So while I know most of us will probably still add effects to our photos (especially with the recent craze of Instagram), we don’t need to go that extra mile to shrink ourselves and make ourselves look orange (or in your eyes, tan) via Photoshop. You are who you are. If you’re not happy with a photo of yourself, see if you can make the above changes the next time your picture is being taken. And if you’re still not happy with yourself, lose some weight or get over it.

Do you have any secrets to looking thin(ner) in front of the camera? Let us know at @forever20tweets or in the comments. We need all the help we can get. Believe me.


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