Weddings can get expensive, but there are simple ways to keep the costs down. Here are seven suggestions to help you create the style and theme of your dream ceremony and reception without the giant price tag.


Go public with the venue. 

The location of your ceremony and reception can cost you. Hotels and conference halls come with substantial rental fees.

Instead, consider locations that are free, such as parks. For low fees, museums and public gardens are also possible venues.

If you’re going for an intimate feel for the wedding, host the function in your home or someone’s home who is near and dear to you. This welcomes your guests into your personal experiences.

Make your invitations paperless and online.

Create a wedding website or blog. You can send out digital invitations and reminders as well as accept RSVP’s online. This will save you money on the stationary, printing, and all the stamps you’d need. Depending on the provider you choose, you can upload photos, add music, and have your say in the design of the site. This approach will also allow you to easily keep track of guest numbers and their needs.

Keep decorations classic but simple.

It is nice to have a cohesive look to your reception, and this can be accomplished with affordable, timeless touches. Consider buying wholesale candles for centerpieces on your head and guest tables. This will create a beautiful glow and warmth in the venue on the cheap. This is also a great idea to get items in bulk for reasonable prices!

You can also use items you already have around the house. These include jars and bottles of all shapes and sizes, which work wonderfully as vases and candle holders. Your friends and family will probably donate theirs to the cause too, maybe even thanking you for helping to clean out their cupboards.

If you are looking for more sentimental type decorations, see if your family members have any other items to offer that have been passed down, such as hope chests in which you can fill with sentimental items, that you can fill with pictures, collectibles, letters and other special pieces that you feel comfortable sharing with your wedding guests. These types of decorations are free and also add a touch of elegance and nostalgia to your special day.

Provide work experience and showcase new talent.

A professional harp player or a trio of string players for your wedding procession can come with a hefty price tag. You could get the same quality of experience and music with local university students who are studying music.

It is a win-win, as you will get the sound you want and the students will get an opportunity to play in public and build their CV.

Call your local college to inquire about the opportunity you’re offering, and they might have suggestions of artists who could be interested.

You can also approach hiring a photographer in the same way. Either look for local photography programs or a newly established photographer. A chance to practice, try out their skills, and build their portfolio will be a potential draw for them.

Before you contract a photographer, make sure to get a look at their portfolio to see if their aesthetic is what you’re looking for.

Forget the limo.

How long are you in the limo anyway? For the amount of time you pay for the vehicle, it actually sits empty for most of it.

You can drive your own cars or ask your friends and relatives to see if they have any unique vehicles they’d be willing to lend the wedding party for the big day.

Offer a custom drink.

Instead of stocking a full bar for the reception, consider a custom drink. Craft a signature beverage that can be served with and without alcohol, so all your guests can enjoy.

This will allow you to buy the ingredients in bulk, which will cut the cost. Plus when you invent the drink, you can make it reflect your relationship, your personalities, and even come up with a fun name.

It will make your guests feel more a part of the festivities and in on the celebration.

Keep desserts to a minimum.

At many weddings, there is a dessert served in addition to the actual wedding cake. Make the cake the big ticket event, instead of an afterthought. It will cut your dessert costs in half.

You and your fiance want to celebrate your commitment without stressing about the final bill. Try to prioritize what you want as a part of your ceremony and reception. Don’t be afraid to get creative to throw the event of your dreams, without breaking the bank.


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